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For every bookmaker has a rule for what happens to a wager if it is placed on an event that ends up being abandoned for some reason. As with pretty much anything in countries like the UK, weather can have a massive impact on whether an event is likely to finish. Obvious examples include such things as lightning storms or flash floods, but snow flurries that make it impossible to see the markings on the pitch or the ball can also give the match officials pause for thought. Crowd safety will always be one of the first things that is taken into consideration by those who decide whether or not a match will be allowed to carry on.

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Tlul xray mod 1-3 2-4 betting system

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Conclusion: In patients with RA are marked dysbiotic changes in the stomach. The severity of dysbiosis is directly dependent on the activity of joint pathology. Taxonomic Guerra R. Because of its song and color qualities is one of the main targets of wild animal trafficking in Brazil. This study aimed to evaluate the external and organ biometry of the digestive tube, as well as the histological aspects of this system and the body condition of specimens from apprehensions made by the Wild Animal Screening Center, in order to provide subsidies for taxonomic classification, clinical, nutritional and species preservation management, as well as for releasing projects.

It were carried out body condition evaluation, external biometrics measurements and tube digestive morphological analysis of 20 P. The seized specimens presented unfavorable body conditions, which were related with loss of feathers; the visceral topography and histology of the digestive system was consistent with those of other birds, but the external and internal biometry presented differences.

The results will provide input for taxonomic classification, as well as corroborate further clinical, nutritional, preservationist and release project studies. Mental health problems impose sizeable public health burden across the world and contribute to the huge economic burden at the Individual, community and national level. Serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are disabling conditions, which have their onset in early adulthood leads to sub-optimal productivity.

Also unlike other medical illnesses, severe and protracted mental illnesses pose more indirect burden that is way beyond the scope of existing government provided free health services. But still in developing countries like India, budget for the mental disorders gets thwarted underneath the huge burden of communicable diseases which appear of paramount importance in mortality census. There is need of nationwide burden assessment studies and effective health policy planning to be tuned in accordance with the available evidence of huge economic burden of mental disorders.

Gaining insights into the possible functional aspects of relatively unknown genes to tumor genesis may help uncover new cancer biomarkers. In this report, we examined the impact of exogenous supplementation of Jakmip1 expression in lung adenocarcinoma. Cells over expressed for Jakmip1and their controls were assayed for their in vitro proliferation potential in CCK-8 and clonogenic assays, before they were implanted subcutaneously in nude mice to monitor tumor growth.

Here, we present that up regulation of Jakmip1 increases cell proliferation and induce larger tumor development in xenografts. The acquisition of pro-proliferation prowess following Jakmip1 higher expression paralleled the protein expression of beta catenin and cyclin D1.

Collectively, our data avidly suggest that upregulated Jakmip1 wields the potential to promote cancer growth and may be relevant to lung tumorigenesis. Background: Obesity is a multi-factorial disease that develops from the interaction between genotype and the environment. It is a major public health problem resulting in serious social, physical and psychological damage.

The prevalence of obesity and overweight among children is rising to alarming levels in developed and developing countries including Gandhinagar city. Objectives: 1 To assess obesity among primary school male children aged 12 years in Gujarat, gandhinagar city.

Controls and cases were matched in age and socioeconomic conditions. Questionnaire interview was applied. BMI for children was calculated by a computer graphs program specially design to this purpose. Sex, age years and months , height in maters and weight in kilograms were introduce into the program.

Then by one click on calculate button, the BMI was automatically calculated. Data were analyzed using SPSS version Results: The prevalence of obesity among primary school male children aged years in Gandhinagar city was 4. Average body mass index of obese children cases was The presence of ectopic thyroid tissue is a rare entity. The non-gland migration occurs in the early stages of embryogenesis to your normal cervical location.

Thus, the ectopic tissue lodges in general in the path of the thyroglossal duct, in the middle line of the neck. The most common location is in the lingual zone, being called a lingual thyroid. This, in most cases will be asymptomatic. However, it is able to manifest itself with symptoms of dysphagia, dysphonia, obstruction of upper airways or hemorrhage at any moment between childhood and adulthood. We present a rare case of lingual thyroid in a man of 43 years, when hormonal tests were normal, however scintigraphy confirmed the diagnosis associated with surgical pathology, which revealed nodular goiter hyperplastic ectopic in association with lymphocytic thyroiditis type Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

This article is a review of this disease, targeting mainly the conduct, still very controversial in world literature. Because of the undeniable advances in genetic and nutrition, dairy industry can produce great amount of milk per cow per year more efficiently nowadays. However, these improvements may be overshadowed by the emergence of problems regarding low reproductive performance of animals. Both in its clinical and subclinical forms, mastitis is linked to stressin dairy cattle, and such association undermines their reproductive performance.

Livestock producers should give preferential attention to the task of improving the environmental conditions and management of their production units, since such conditions are largely responsible of animal health detriment, and affect the incidence of reproductive disorders, increasing significantly production costs of dairy industry.

Hospital acquired infections, nosocomial pneumonia NP being the second most common, is the major cause of morbidity and mortality in children undergoing cardiovascular surgeries. NP was diagnosed in 41 of them ETA cultures were obtained regularly. The isolated pathogens were Klebsiella Pneumonia The overall mortality was There was a statistically significant relationship between the age, duration of mechanic ventilation, reintubation and NP.

Introduction Functional dyspepsia is a common public health problem. Pathophysiology of non ulcer dyspepsia includes several possible mechanisms. Material and methods Patients with symptoms suggestive of dyspepsia and normal ultrasound findings were subjected to upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Results By histopathological examination 44 patients were positive for H. Three patients were positive by rapid urease test alone, seven patients were positive by histopathology alone and thirty seven patients were positive by both tests.

Final result was considered positive if either histopathology for H. Overall 47 patients were positive for H. Conclusion Non-ulcer dyspepsia is a common problem encountered in clinical practice with an estimated incidence of times more common than peptic ulcer disease. Although significant number of cases were infected with H pylori, but it cannot be concluded that H pylori is significant cause of non ulcer dyspepsia unless control group is included.

Infectivity rate with H pylori was more in ulcer like subgroup were the predominant symptom is pain compared to other subgroups. So It can be concluded that non ulcer dyspeptic patients, where predominant symptom is pain, can be benefited more with H pylori eradication treatment. Background: Tubercular Meningitis is an important life threatening manifestation of extra pulmonary tuberculosis. It is quite common in the developing countries and can influence the socio economic status as most of the cases occur in the working age group.

Aims and Objectives: To study: 1. The clinico-pathological profile of patients with tubercular meningitis. To assess the role of hyponatremia in relation to its incidence, impact and prognosis in tubercular meningitis. Materials and Methods: One year single centered observational study including 45 cases of tubercular meningitis in a tertiary care teaching hospital in north eastern India. Diagnosis of tubercular meningitis was based on CSF findings as per standard protocol.

Results and Observations: A male preponderance with a mean age of The average duration of symptoms was 3 weeks and fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, seizures, altered consciousness and neurological deficits mostly cranial nerve palsies are the usual presenting features. Hyponatremia, seen in Death was observed in Conclusion: The study concluded with the inference that hyponatremia may be an important prognostic indicator in relation to the severity of tubercular meningitis.

Introduction: simulation can mimic real clinical situation and physiologic response of a patient. So it helps students to practice in a controlled environment and improved learning experience. Methodology: A post-test control group, quazi-experimental design was used to study 58 second-year students selected conveniently from nursing faculty. The control and intervention group received the same theoretical materials and lab training. The intervention group additionally trained on high-fidelity simulation.

A questionnaire was developed by researcher to measure variables of study. Nursing skills were measured by standard checklists. Discussion: the results of the current study is consistent with the results of many previous studies.

Most studies showed that simulation has a positive effect on improving knowledge, skills and competency. Further studies are required with all year levels of nursing program. In addition, educator's competencies and other nursing skills are recommended to be included in the future studies.

Frozen Addicts are one of the leading causes of death. Although the cause of frozen addict are unknown, each year approximately 1,90, people in the United States and 10, people in Canada will be diagnosed with a primary symptoms. Frozen addicts are the number two cause of disability in men age 40 and older. Enhancing the quality of life of people with frozen addict requires access to quality specialty care, clinical trials, follow-up care and rehabilitative services.

These finding support the existence of common pathogenic mechanisms, protein aggregiation, mitochondrial dysfunction or oxidative stress, which had been suspected as major culprits of neurode generation for many years. Awareness of likelihood under recognition of behavioral symptoms in PD should generate approaches to diagnostic accuracy and facilitate timely therapeutic interventions.

Patient and Methods: This is a retrospective chart review of 42 patients with long gap esophageal atresia treated over a 20 years period. The review included age at diagnosis, sex, type of esophageal atresia, associated anomalies and most importantly the methods of repair and their outcomes. Results: Out of 42 patients with long gap EA with or without TEF, 23 patients were treated by primary repair of their native esophagus, 15 had esophageal substitution and 4 died before any definitive treatment was performed.

Conclusions: The management of long gap esophageal atresia is challenging and every attempt should be made to preserve the native esophagus. During The second half of the study period we adopted a more conservative approach with the aim of avoiding esophageal replacement using primary repair under severe tension or delayed primary repair after a period of observation. Although this approach is associated with a high incidence of esophageal stricture, we found it to be a better alternative to esophageal replacement in patients with long gap esophageal atresia.

Backgrounds: Children continue to swallow foreign bodies FBs , some of which are bizarre but coins continue to be the most common. This review presents our experience with 62 swallowed FBs outlining aspects of diagnosis and management. Patients and Methods: The medical records of all children with the diagnosis of swallowed FB were retrospectively reviewed for age, type of the swallowed FB, diagnosis and management.

Results: During a 7-year period, from June to July , a total of 62 children with swallowed FBs were treated. Their age ranged from 8 months to 10 years mean 5. There were 38 males and 24 females. All were healthy with no prior medical problems except one who had primary repair of esophageal atresia during neonatal period. Twenty seven FBs The remaining 35 Conclusions: Swallowing of FBs by children continues to be a common medical problem.

Coins remain the commonest object to be swallowed. Impacted esophageal FBs require prompt removal. Watchful waiting is preferred to deal with swallowed FBs once they passed beyond the esophagus, but early recognitison and management of any complication is necessary. This is a descriptive study to determine the factors associated with teenage pregnancy in Ogbeukwu Community in Ndoni Town of Rivers State.

A sample of students drawn from the target population of over female students attending the community secondary school, using sampling technique. Data was collected with a self structured questionnaire. Validity and reliability of the instrument were ensured. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Findings revealed that peer pressure, early marriage, low economic status, poor sex education among others were all factors influencing the incidence of teenage pregnancy; the respondents have a good knowledge of the consequences but poor knowledge of preventive measures against teenage pregnancy.

Chi-square test of hypothesis revealed a significant relationship between the age of the respondents and their knowledge of preventive measures against teenage pregnancy with a calculated chi square value X2cal of It has been recommended that more enlightenment campaigns be carried out via the mass media, youth groups and counseling sessions should be created in order to create more awareness, thus reducing teenage pregnancy.

Introduction: MTA has been recommended primarily as a root end filling material, but it has also been used in pulp capping, pulpotomy, apical barrier formation in teeth with open apexes, repair of root perforations, and root canal filling.

Materials and Methods: This study was conducted on 30 rats by making osteotomies on both sides of the mandibles of the rats. Fifteen rats were sacrificed after one week to evaluate the short term inflammatory response and bone healing and the other fifteen were sacrificed after three weeks to evaluate the long term inflammatory response and bone healing. Specimens were collected for histopathological examination under light microscope and histomorphometric examination.

Results: Grey ProRoot MTA showed significantly lower inflammatory reaction than MM-MTA, and no statistical significant difference was recorded between the two materials in the histomorphometric analysis. The sheep were presented with the clinical history of dullness, depression, severe oculo-nasal discharge and diarrhoea. Oral cavity revealed erosive and necrotic lesions on gum and tongue along with bran like fibrin deposits.

Clinically affected sheep were treated with broad spectrum antibiotics like Inj. Enrofloxacin 3. Meloxicam 0. The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of austere winter on psychomotor performance of expedition members who stayed for prolonged duration in Antarctica. Twenty-four volunteers scientific and technical support personnel from winter-over team of Indian Antarctic Expedition served as participants.

The performance on psychomotor tasks namely hand steadiness, two-hand coordination, and finger dexterity were evaluated at pre and post winter session in Antarctica. A mixed group factorial ANOVA revealed that there was a significant decrease in error for hand steadiness and two-hand coordination, and decline in time seconds for finger dexterity at post-winter session when performance was compared against pre-winter session.

However, no significant difference was found between scientific and technical support personnel in performance on psychomotor tasks. Material and Methods: 80 patients were enrolled with one recession each. Coronally advanced flap CAF alone surgery was performed in 30 patients; 30 sites randomly received a graft under the CAF. Measurements were taken by blind and calibrated examiners. Outcome measures included recession reduction, complete root coverage CRC and side effects.

Results: No differences were noted in the intra-operative and post-operative patient related variables between the two groups. Surgical time was significantly shorter in the CAF group. Conclusion: Both treatments were effective in providing a significant reduction of the baseline recession and with only limited intra-operative and post-operative morbidity and side effects. Conflict of interest: No conflict of interest declared by any of the Authors.

Stork balance test, Y - balance test were used to assess static and dynamic balance of the dominant leg respectively. Modified beiring sorensen and prone plank test were used to measure core stability performance. When a significant difference among the groups was observed, a pair-wise comparison of the groups was done by using the LSD post-hoc test to identify direction and significant differences between the groups.

To test the hypothesis, the level of significance was set at 0. All the subjects, after having been informed about the objective and protocol of the study, gave informed consent and volunteered to participate in this study. Thus, when LSD Post-Hoc test was applied to study the direction and significance of differences between the paired adjusted final means for static balance, dynamic balance and core stability, the wrestlers were found to be significantly different when compared with its counterparts.

It has been observed that wrestlers had demonstrated significantly better dynamic balance whereas weightlifters and bodybuilders had demonstrated superior static balance and core stability than wrestlers. However, when different sub-variables of dynamic balance i. But, posteromedial and posterolateral balance was superior in wrestlers than the weightlifters and bodybuilders.

This study concludes that the female wrestlers have lower static balance performance and core stability performance as compared to weightlifters and bodybuilders whereas they have superior dynamic balance among the three groups. Stroke occurrence, mortality, and prevalence fluctuate generally among distinctive districts in China, and the quantity of patients who died from stroke is three times more than those who died from coronary heart disease.

Of all the risk factors associated with stroke, hypertension was the most prevalent accounting for In China, the increase rate of hypertension and stroke related deaths shows a need for improvement in health care from the hospitals, as well as individuals.

Stroke can serve as an alarm to underlying factors, and physiotherapy can help implement better behavioral interventions. The development of soft tissue air emphysema after dental treatment is an infrequently reported sequel. It may be caused due to inadvertent introduction of air into soft tissues during procedures using high speed, air driven hand-pieces or air—water syringes.

However with scattered case reports and reviews in dental, surgical, anaesthetic and dermatologic literature, it appears to be under reported and rare. Orbital emphysema due to dental treatment is even a rarer entity with very few documented cases in literature. A case of subcutaneous orbital emphysema following routine metal crown removal is presented to illustrate the typical presentation, differential diagnosis, management and prevention of this uncommon condition.

Purpose of study: Pulmonary rehabilitation often incorporates self-management strategies to promote treatment adherence and this approach has been advocated for bronchiectasis. There is limited evidence for the effects of pulmonary rehabilitation in silicosis so there is the need for physiotherapist to know the effect of pulmonary rehabilitation in silicosis. There are many option for clinical therapist to treat silicosis, as this condition associated with many impairments. Wide varieties of approach are available to treat such a condition.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is comprehensive intervention based on a thorough patient assessment followed by patient tailored therapies. So there is need for the therapist to know better treatment option for patient with silicosis. So, there is the need of the study to check whether the same benefit can be obtained by PR in silicosis patients.

Methods: Out of 60 patients, only 48 patients were selected based on inclusion and exclusion criteria and divided equally into two groups. The data were analysed useing t-test. Conclusion: This study concludes that a supervised pulmonary rehabilitation program of 4 weeks duration have improved functional capacity of lungs and dyspnea. It is undeniable that violence has a huge impact on the mental and behavioral aspect of the general growth and development of a child into adulthood.

Considering the high level of violence in Newark, New Jersey in , we decided to understand the level of childhood exposure to violence and its role to present day violence. Using a sample of youths who has had exposure to some form of violent acts, we conducted a study to depict if there was any form of violence exposure during their childhood formative years.

This was achieved using a survey analysis completed by participants and the survey contained questions on different forms of violence and their roles in the act. Cookies have become one of the most desirable snacks for both youth and elderly people. Maida is rich in carbohydrate and poor in protein and fiber.

It is essential to have healthy alternative to maida and coconut flour being rich in fiber and protein is ideal to replace maida in cookies. The present study was framed in that direction to formulate a value added cookie using coconut flour CF , coconut sugar CS and virgin coconut oil VCO. The cookies were stored in airtight containers for a period of 56 days. Sensory evaluation was carried out on 0th day and periodically every week upto 56th day.

Selected nutrients were analysed by standardized procedures on 0th day and 56th day. Incorporation of coconut products in the preparation of cookies received optimum sensory quality characteristics. Lauric acid, being a unique fatty acid present only in coconut was 8.

EC were found to be rich in all the nutrients on comparison with SC and can be promoted to use as a therapeutic food suitable for supplementing the diets of malnourished children and patients with metabolic diseases. Nasolabial cyst is an uncommon, soft tissue cyst of non-odontogenic origin found in the maxillofacial region. It presents as a slowly enlarging, asymptomatic swelling in the nasolabial region. Being a soft tissue cyst, it cannot be appreciated radiographically.

We present a case of nasolabial cyst in a 60 year old female patient who reported to us with a swelling in the left nasolabial region. Iodine contrast agent was injected into the cyst followed by a series of images to evaluate the entire extent of the lesion. This paper highlights the importance of use of radiographic contrast agent in the diagnosis of this rare lesion. A brief review of literature with emphasis on the conventional radiographic and computed tomography findings is presented.

Background: The disease burden from measles, a vaccine preventable disease remains high despite decades of interventions by World Health Organization, Nigeria and other agencies. Design: Retrospective descriptive. Methods: A retrospective descriptive study of children who had measles infection in Imo state university teaching hospital within the given time frame June - June Data was abstracted from the hospital records using a proforma, and analysed with SPSS at a statistical significance level of 0.

Results: Within the study period, 12, patients attended the paediatrics clinic. Of these, 0. The peak age was in infancy 30 Males, 80 Most of the parents of these children 50 Majority 77 The major reason given for failure to receive the vaccine was that the mother forgot 28 The children who died were aged 5months, 7months, 8months, 14 months and 24months respectively with a female to male ratio of None of the dead children had received the measles vaccines before the onset of the illness.

Complications occurred more in the malnourished and the unvaccinated. Of the 80 children who were admitted, there was a case fatality rate of 6. Mortality was associated with bronchopneumonia, otitis media, encephalitis and age under 2years.

Conclusion: Measles remains a burden in our environment affecting mostly infants, the unvaccinated, rural dwellers, and children whose parents were of low educational and socio — economic status. Purpose: 1 To analyze the clinical pattern - type of trauma, risk factors, circumstances, time gap between injury and presentation.

All patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria underwent ocular examination after taking informed consent. In all cases a detailed demographic history was taken including address their literacy status, occupation and financial status, cause of injury, and nature of circumstance. The ocular examination including visual acuity, slit lamp examination, a dilated fundus examination with direct ophthalmoscope and indirect examination with 90D lens was carried out.

Cases had undergone a B scan to evaluate posterior segment. An Intra ocular tension was measured in all patients. Both eyes were involved in 13 cases 5. It was observed that highest incidence of blunt injuries was among students 91 Eyelid injuries are majority of the times associated with either closed or combined globe injuries hence accounting to Conclusion: Road traffic accidents under the influence of alcohol was the most common cause of ocular trauma.

Most common object causing ocular trauma was foreign body and stone. Visual acuity at time of presentation and final outcome varied significantly. These patients can be educated about safety measures to prevent ocular trauma and its consequences and to undergo treatment at the earliest to prevent permanent blindness. A Serodiscordant relationship, also known as magnetic or mixed-status, is one in which one partner is infected by HIV and the other is not.

This contrasts with seroconcordant relationships, in which both partners are of the same HIV status. Research involving serodiscordant couples would offer insights into how the virus is passed and how individuals who are HIV positive may be able to reduce the risk of passing the virus to their partner. Design: Retrospective Methods: A four year retrospective descriptive study.

Results: A total of couples were studied out of whom were HIV serodiscordant. Our study shows that the prevalence of HIV serodiscordance from to , among the couples was Majority of HIV positive partners in serodiscondant relationships were women. The mean age of the affected patients was Mean duration of diagnosis was 3years. Conclusion and recommendations: Early partner testing and notification can avert seroconversion, hence properly designed and mainstreamed interventions that target serodiscordant couples are essential.

We investigated the EGFR cell surface expression level and analyzed these genomic markers in six types of adenocarcinoma in Arabian patients. Haplotype analysis revealed three haplotypes within EGFR gene were significantly associated with lung and bladder cancer risk. This is the first observation of a significant association between genetic markers influencing EGFR expression level and the risk of developing lung cancers in Arabs.

Furthermore, the molecular event that favors the selection of the long SSR1 allele in Arab lung cancer patients seems to be different from the somatic mutation that favors the selection of the short allele in the East Asian lung cancer patients. Fusion of the two Mullerian ducts and establishment of vaginal canal are completed between 10th and 17th week of intra-uterine development.

There is presence of double uterine bodies with two separate cervices and often a double or septate vagina. Women with congenital malformations of uterus usually have higher incidence of complications during pregnancy and delivery. Pregnancy in such a uterus causes various complications like spontaneous abortions, preterm labour, abnormal presentation and increased incidence of caesarean delivery. In case of single pregnancy in uterus Didelphys, literature shows the right uterus having pregnancy predominantly.

We report a rare case of uterine Didelphys with pregnancy in left horn diagnosed in her second pregnancy. Background: The Temporomandibular joint TMJ is one of the most complex joints in the human body and is the area in which the mandible articulate with the cranium. Conventionally, the most commonly used radiographic methods for the evaluation of osseous changes of the TMJ include transcranial projection, transpharyngealprojection, tomography and panoramic radiography.

Unfortunately, most CT units are large and expensive, and are not readily available to dentists. Cone Beam CT CBCT is a newly developed technique and because of its comparatively lower radiation dose and higher spatial resolution, it has been widely accepted and used for different diagnostic tasks in oral and maxillofacial region. The study population will consist of 50 subjects TMJs from years of age. Results: The Adjusted Logistic Regression model, age and gender showed no statistically significant association with the presence of bone changes.

The range of motion proved to be increased demonstrating hypermobility in 35 patients in the right TMJs and 37 patients in the left TMJs. Conclusion: There is a high prevalence of degenerative bone alteration in TMJs, which is more frequent in women and mostly located in the condyle. The prevalence of degenerative bone changes occur at the young age group.

There is significant correlation between condylar mobility and the presence of degenerative bony changes in TMJs. Background: Uvulo-glosso-pharyngeal dimensions and size and position of associated structures are integral part of Orthodontic treatment planning. Since decades various authors have assessed airway dimensions by different methods and implied the results in diagnosis and treatment planning. Method: Cephalometric radiographs of 30 subjects age years of Uttrakhand ethnic origin were divided into three Groups accorging to ANB and Wits appraisal.

Statistical analysis was undertaken using one-way ANOVA to evaluate the mean and standard deviation in the three Groups and Post hoc Tukey test was done to compare the variables between the three Groups. In conclusion, uvulo-pharyngeal airway and position of hyoid bone are affected by anteroposterior skeletal patterns in Uttrakhand population despite of its multiethenicity.

Chemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles Ag-NPs and evaluation of their antimicrobial potential against some fungal and bacterial causes of diseases in buffaloes were investigated. A total of 75 animal cases of dairy buffaloes were selected from a private farm at Giza governorates in which animals suffered from diarrhea, mastitis and respiratory symptoms.

Seventy five samples 25from each of nasal swabs, pharyngeal swabs from dairy buffaloes with respiratory disorders, fecal swabs of diarrheic animals and milk samples of mastitis animals. The main bacterial isolates were Staphylococcus aureus, Sreptococcus spp, Salmonella spp. While, S. On the other hand, the most predominant members of Aspergillus species in samples were A.

While, C. The silver nanoparticles was synthesized by chemical method and the sizes and morphology of Ag-NPs were characterized by visual inspection; in a UV-visible spectrophotometer and scanning by transmission electron microscope TEM and scanning electron microscope SEM for detection of their particle size and the purity of the prepared powder.

The antimicrobial potential of prepared Ag-NPs against C. The treated fungal and bacterial cells were subjected to SEM, the damage and rupture of their cell wall was detected or membrane damage and some pits and adhered to respiratory sequence of cytoplasm that had been caused leakage in inter cellular components and finally cell death. Therefore, the synergistic, combination therapy of Ag-NPs with other traditional antibiotics drugs was urgently required to decrease the used concentration of nanoparticles, overcome the microbial resistant to traditional antibiotics and resulted more efficient antimicrobial activity for the treatment of human and animal diseases.

The present retrospective study was performed over a period of seven years from July to June Total number of complete autopsies were included. The study group comprised the cases from all ages and both sexes among which Nutmeg appearance 34 cases, 9. The most common cause of cirrhosis among 23 6. Tuberculosis involving liver was noted in 10 2. Various primary and metastatic neoplasms were found in 7 cases.

Among these 5 Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder of impaired carbohydrates, fat and protein metabolism. Diabetes was confirmed by the elevated blood glucose levels determined at 72 hrs. In the diabetic rats, all the two doses of plant extract produced a significant reduction in blood glucose levels. A basic view of medicine holds that if discrepant symptoms can be explained by one disease instead of two or more, it is likely there is only one disease.

The scientific justification for bipolar disorder BD and schizophrenia SZ as distinctive disorders has been questioned. The diagnosis of schizophrenia rests upon the presupposition that the diagnostic symptoms are disease specific. They are not, since patients with severe mood disorders can demonstrate any or all of the schizophrenic symptoms. Furthermore, there is consistent evidence that genes contribute to the etiology of psychosis. Recent findings from genetic studies provide evidence for an overlap in genetic susceptibility across the traditional psychosis categories.

Candidate genes show strong associations with component symptom complexes, such as psychosis, that are not projected directly onto Kraepelinian disease entities. In this paper we will review the literature that describes the possible relationships between bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Introduction: Contrast induced nephropathy CIN is one of the major complications of coronary intervention and has been correlated with mortality.

CIN is traditionally defined as an increase in serum creatinine of either 0. The association of increase in serum creatinine with short- and long-term adverse clinical outcomes is well established. Objectives: To find out occurrence of contrast induced nephropathy in patients undergoing primary PCI and its relation with duration of symptoms and contrast volume. Materials and Methods: This was a hospital based prospective observational study conducted at a tertiary care hospital, including patients undergoing primary PCI.

Results: Majority of patients were males Mean patient age was Smoking Most patients presented between 3 to 6 hours of index event Twenty nine patients Conclusion: Contrast induced nephropathy occurs frequently in patients undergoing primary PCI. There is no correlation between duration of symptoms at presentation and CIN.

The volume of contrast used during procedure is a good predictor of development of CIN. The present study was conducted to study the effect of graded doses of Sodium fluoride on the microanatomy of Pancreas in Albino Rats over different periods of time. Sixty male adult albino rats taken from the animal house of Govt. Animals of the first three groups were given fluorinated water in various concentrations to drink and fourth group served as the control group getting plain tap water to drink.

Animals from each group were sacrificed and examined after 30, 60, and 90 days of therapy and gross and microscopic changes recorded. It was observed that fluorides induce dose and duration dependent microscopic changes in pancreatic tissue ranging from mild edema to gross necrosis.

Fluoride ions are known to affect the bones and teeth of human beings for a pretty long time now. On the one hand presence of fluoride ions in drinking water is essential for the normal development of the various organ systems of the body, particularly skeletal system and teeth.

But presence of Fluoride ions in food and drinking water has increased worldwide resulting in toxic effects on various tissues particularly the skeletal system and teeth. However it is now a well known fact that the toxic effects of a substance cannot be limited to a particular system only and the present study was focused on dose and duration related effects of fluorides on Pancreas.

Back Ground and Objectives: The most recent genetic research have identified key genes that may be promoting the formation of tumors of the oral cavity and larynx, regardless of external factors such as smoking and HPV. The aim of this paper is to verify whether the importance of the genetic factor is very dependent on the parameters affecting the oral defenses drop, mostly on mucins.

The data were compared with the most recent review that also takes into account the two most important external causes smoking and HPV. According to a previous our study, have been identified, but also the incidence of other factors regarding the onset of oral cancer and larynx. The applicability and verification of these results even after a posterior effective bibliographic update has been tested on a sample of thirty laryngectomees patients, through the administration of a questionnaire Results and Discussion: even if with some differences the type and the number of genes involved, are broadly similar to those identified in a recent review.

To observe that the proportion of patients with laryngeal cancer presenting an autoimmune disease is higher than the contro group 0. The results also that xerostomia is in larynctomees group a sign very important were the p-value is 0. The crucial protective function of mucins that altered in various carcinomas resulting in hyper expression, provides the original idea for a proposal to fight the tumor. You could use an oncogenic virus "attenuated" improved in capsid with the enzyme neuroaminidase, to delete the links-sialic acid mucin.

Interrupting hyperespressivity and consequently the process of angiogenesis, facilitating their entry into cells and the tumor suppressor p53, engineered viral DNA may then suppress carcinogenesis. Background- As an anesthetic adjuvant, nalbuphine and dexmedetomidine have been shown to provide good perioperative hemodynamic stability with decrease in the intraoperative inhalational agents requirement and also provides adequate postoperative analgesia.

Group A received Inj. Nalbuphine 0. Thereafter haemoynamic parameters were noted at different time intervals. The RE response entropy and SE state entropy was maintained between 40 and 60 and also the concentration of sevoflurane required to maintain adequate depth was noted. Postoperative analgesia was assessed by VAS score. The mean duration of first rescue analgesia after surgery was 5hours 45 minutes in Group A whereas 2hours 15min in Group B.

Conclusion- Both the drugs as an adjuvant to general an aesthesia attenuate stress response to various noxious stimuli and maintain hemodynamic stability throughout the surgery and decrease the requirement of inhalational agent. Nalbuphine provides better analgesia and reduces requirement of postoperative analgesia as compared to dexmedetomidine. Thus, nalbuphine is more advantageous adjuvant to general anaesthesia.

Method and Materials: 60 non carious human maxillary first premolars divided into 6 groups ,out of which 2 control groups of 6 teeth each and 4 experimental groups of 12 teeth each were subjected to axial compression test to evaluate the resistance to fracture using an Instron USA. After restoration the teeth were stored at C for 24 hours and then thermo cycled for cycles at temperatures of 50C and C Results: Statistical analysis revealed that Group V showed the maximum mean load to fracture however there was no significant difference between Group I, Group III and Group VI.

Group IV showed the least mean load to fracture. Conclusion: everX posterior along with occlusal lining using a universal composite can be a material of choice for restoration of large class II cavities and exhibited more cohesive failure. Filtek zxt showed least fracture resistance and more Mixed failure.

Introduction: Lipomas are the most common benign soft tissue tumors and appear in any part of the body. They typically consist of mature adipose tissue. Osteolipoma is an extremely rare histologic variant of lipoma that contains mature lamellar bone within the tumor and osteolipoma independent of bone tissue are very rare. We report a case of histologically confirmed osteolipoma independent of bone located in the leg.

Plain films, Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and ultrasound guided needle biopsy were performed. Given the benign imaging characteristics and fine needle aspiration, an excisional biopsy was undertaken.

No recurrence was observed after 12 months follow up. Conclusion: Although ossifying lipomas are very rare, it is important to keep them in mind when a lesion with adipose tissue in combination with ossification is encountered.

Aims and Objectives: The aim of study is to determine the frequency and prescribing pattern of antihypertensive drugs in Out Patient Department of a tertiary care hospital and to identify whether the pattern of prescribing is appropriate in accordance with national and international guidelines for pharmacotherapy of hypertension. Methods: This is a prescription-based survey; the prescriptions were collected randomly from OPDs of SGM Hospital in form of Xerox copy after taking the consent, the total prescriptions were analyzed.

Results: In the prescriptions total drugs were prescribed; of these only 4. Amongst the cardiovascular drugs The CCBs Amlodipine However over all prescribing frequency amongst antihypertensive drugs were as follow; Amlodipine Conclusions: Most of antihypertensive in this study were prescribed as monotherapy. The pattern of this study were appears to be in accordance with the national and international guidelines.

Sickle Cell Anaemia is a genetic blood disorder caused by abnormal hemoglobin that damages and deforms red blood cells. The abnormal red cells break down, causing anemia, and obstruct blood vessels, leading to recurrent episodes of sever pain and multiorgan ischemic damage. The Indian System of Medicine Ayurveda has valuable information about herbs and mineral for human uses. In laboratory studies it strongly inhibits sickling of red cells in patients with sickle cell diseases and it has been shown in initial clinical evaluation in state of Gujarat, India.

Preparations and standardizations are as FDA standard. The poly Herbo-Mineral formulations exhibited attractive antisickling activity, thus, supporting the claims of the traditional healers and suggesting a possible correlation between the chemical composition of Herbo-Mineral and its uses in traditional medicine. The condition is underdiagnosed and transthoracic echocardiography is a good diagnostic tool to detect it.

In our patient who had free floating thrombus in right heart with pulmonary embolism was treated with thrombolysis and made a good recovery. Ageing is associated with an increasing prevalence of hypertension, atherosclerotic vascular diseases, reduced insulin sensitivity and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus NIDDM. The effect of aging on blood glucose showed that high significant increase on blood glucose with increasing aging.

Also, there were significant increases in blood elements Na, K, Cl and Ca in the population that increase in aging than young one. On the other hand there were a significant increase on blood urea, creatinine and uric acid in the population that increase in aging than young one. Concerning lipid profile, we noted that variety induced high significant variation of different lipid parameters in the population that increase in aging than young one.

The effect of aging on blood glucose showed that only the variety Tamesrit had a significative increase on blood glucose. Results generally showed that increase in aging were always high significant increase in their blood elements Na, K, Cl and Ca. Also, there is high significant increase in liver functions and kidney functions in the population that increase in aging than young one and high significant variation of different lipid parameters in the population that increase in aging than young one.

We suggest that ionic disturbance might be the missing link responsible for the frequent clinical coexistence of hypertension, atherosclerosis and metabolic disorders. Ageing cells may become more vulnerable to ion disturbances, leading to possible elevation of intracellular free calcium and concurrent magnesium depletion. The present work was conducted at the diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder.

Fifty- diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder from three hospitals in Hail, KSA were consecutively selected. Diabetic patients have a higher prevalence of thyroid disorders than the general population, this may influence diabetic management.

In this study, we investigated thyroid hormone levels in diabetic and hypertention patients. The subjects in all groups were above 60 years of age. All the diabetic patients had high fasting blood glucose levels. The effect of diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder on blood glucose showed that high significant increase on blood glucose with increasing aging. On the other hand there were a significant increase on fasting blood glucose in the population that increase in aging than young one.

The liver enzymes AST, ALT and ALP were a significant increase in blood of human in the population that increases in aging and diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder than young one. Concerning lipid profile, we noted that variety induced high significant variation of different lipid parameters in the population that increase in aging and diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder. Results generally showed that increase in aging and diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder were always high significant increase in their blood glucose and fasting blood glucose.

Also, there is high significant increase in liver functions in the population that increase in aging and diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder than young one and high significant variation of different lipid parameters in the population that increase in aging and diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder than young one. We conclude that T3 levels were altered in the diabetic and hypertention patients that have thyroid disorder.

The intake of dates being the most important source in hail populations. These dates have been studied their effects on human health in this area. The dates have been used by humans for thousands of years. Although several adverse health effects of dates have been known for a long time.

A strong relationship between intake of dates and its effect on blood elements, glucose and lipid in population of hail, kSA has been identified in this study. The effect of dates on blood glucose showed that no significant increase on blood glucose. Also, there were no significant increase in blood elements na, k, cl and ca in the population of hail that consume dates. On the other hand there were a significant increase on blood urea, creatinine and uric acid. Stationery Trays W P Baskets.

Gus Balli heateis 1. We list below o few privately owned euc owner cars All have been tested and Inspected bj our own Mechanics. This has been Introduced os a simpler means of identification of the Company s Solesmen from the many clients at all times In our large open air showrooms In addition the Management Is deter- mined to make the sign of the Bow Tie at Broadway Motors the SURE sign of unparalleled courtesy and service In Automobile Salesmanship.

This superb vchlclo features Blue Duco and leather upholstery Brand new Has done only miles. Sale, Hire. Country Service. Notice Is hercbi given that the Registers of Members and Transfer Books of Wunderlich Limited will be e oscd from Friday 13th October to Wednesday 25th October both days Inclusive In order that transfers may bo dealt with prior to tho closing of the Books It is necessary that they si ould reach the ofllco of the Company at Redfern before 10 a m on Thursday 12th October Debt contracted In my nimc without my written authority on and after this date 25th September Everyone The new Huts arc here Come and moko them Save pounds!

Department experience not neces- sary Good opportunfts for advancement Apply Goulburn St. Successful oppllcant will be assured of thorough training In advertising with every opportunity to progress. Dudes will include the handling of Purchase Iniolces and the prepiratton ol Accounts Payable under a modern intern of Stondard Costs. Trade ilth old est Meat Co Good. Maroubra district Good wages will bo poid to right man Ring In first place to UJ between 8 30 a m and.

Applicants should have practical ex- perience in the keeping of debtors led gers and good knowledge of accounts department routine. Phirmaclst Excellent futuro for right man Box. Vacancies for factory employment arc available for men on shift and day work ond for bojs on day work. Here is an opportunity providing re gular employment under good conditions Sugar Workers Award with overtime available.

Qualifications required are Mathema tics English and progrcsslie studies In Accountancy Successful applicant will be trained for executive position which will carry an Income above tho average. These positions offer permanency for the right men to work under pleasant conditions.

This Is sour oppnrt inity to ea-n good wot. A Major OH Company oilers the fol- lowing positions to suitable applicants who desire regular employment, with Provident Fund Benefits. Sen, Dely. VA wages. Paul's Lyons Rd, Drum-. Gar- deners Road, Mascot. Kogarah, and Newtown. Apply to local branch, or 'Phone M for particulars. Excellent opportunities for odvancement. No Saturday work. Apply direct or ring BX after 9. First class men required Excellent working conditions Inside bench work with liberal overtime Staff amenlje Permanent employees.

Ltd Harris St,. Several Maintenance Labourers are required for permanent employment assisting our Tradesmen. Skip to content Skip to search. Toggle navigation. Search Filter Limit to issues of this title. Search Advanced Search. Prev issue Next issue Browse issues. Prev page Next page Browse pages.

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