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For every bookmaker has a rule for what happens to a wager if it is placed on an event that ends up being abandoned for some reason. As with pretty much anything in countries like the UK, weather can have a massive impact on whether an event is likely to finish. Obvious examples include such things as lightning storms or flash floods, but snow flurries that make it impossible to see the markings on the pitch or the ball can also give the match officials pause for thought. Crowd safety will always be one of the first things that is taken into consideration by those who decide whether or not a match will be allowed to carry on.

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Top football betting sites

They all also have all the required protocols in place, such as SSL encryption, making sure nobody can meddle with your sensitive data. Soccer Betting Options Since this is a guide on soccer betting, we had to make sure that all platforms offer plenty of betting options for soccer enthusiasts. Still, we explored available betting markets and excluded the sites that failed to offer detailed wagering options. In other words, all Canadian soccer betting sites on this page will offer a wide array of markets you can bet on when it comes to soccer.

Soccer Bonuses Bonuses play an essential role in online wagering. Their goal is to attract new bettors to a sportsbook and award them with bonus money or free bets. Some promotions are better than others, and we made sure to select the sites featuring the best ones. This helped us determine the real value of a bonus. After that, we ranked the sites based on the overall generosity of their respective welcome bonuses and promotions for regular customers.

Only the sites that topped the list were included on this page. Live Betting Options Live betting or in-play betting is a type of wagering on sports matches after they start. We compared these sections and their available features.

The ones ranked better were included on our ultimate list of the best Canadian betting platforms for soccer. Mobile Betting Placing bets on the go has become paramount for many Canadian soccer betting enthusiasts, so we made sure that they can wager using their mobile devices.

All sites on the list allow mobile betting, and the only difference is that some of them offer mobile-native apps while others are available via mobile browsers. You can access most of them on both Android and iOS phones. Payment Methods To start betting on soccer, you first need to deposit to the platform of your choice. Some of them offer more Canada-friendly payment methods than others, and we ensured that you have a decent selection when making a deposit. We just focused on the ones that offer better minimum and maximum limits.

Each sports betting site features a customer support team that you can reach using one of the available contact options. In most cases, there are three ways to get in touch: live chat, email, and phone. Still, some customer service teams do a better job than others, meaning there are no delays in answers, and they try their best to resolve your issue. We tested every site we reviewed and ranked their support teams accordingly.

In the end, we included only those ranked well. Is Betting on Soccer in Canada Legal? Legal online betting options are minimal on Canadian soil. However, the Great White North residents are still free to join some of the offshore online sportsbooks and place bets on their favourite soccer matches and competitions. Soccer in Canada However there is a growing soccer fan base in Canada, who follow international matches as well as popular leagues such as the Premier League , La Liga , Bundesliga and the Serie A.

Each soccer match takes place over a period of 90 minutes and should the match be drawn at the end of 90 minutes, an additional 30 minutes of extra time will be played. Should the match still be drawn at the end of this additional time, there will be a penalty shootout where 5 kicks are taken.

More often than not, a result is obtained by this time but should the match still remain in a drawn state, further penalties will be taken in a do or die format till an eventual winner is decided. Online sports betting websites that offer soccer betting in Canada cover soccer matches in different leagues giving Canadians a wide range of soccer matches to bet on.

Online betting websites such as Paddy Power, Bet , William Hill and sport allow bettors to wager on the eventual winner, score-line, half-time score and even the players who they think will score. Bettors will be able to wager directly online or make use of the mobile apps that these online betting websites offer.

This makes it easy for bettors to make wagers on the go and to also bet when they feel the odds are in their favor. Match Fixing: There have always been rumours of match fixing and corruption in soccer but during the last 3 years, the game of soccer has been tarnished as the authorities have released information stating that senior FIFA executives have also been involved in bribery and corruption charges. Illegal Betting: The underground betting market for soccer is a multi-billion dollar industry and one which the authorities are constantly looking to crackdown upon.

Some of these illegal operators run soccer betting rackets via online websites, mobile apps, WhatsApp and other social media platforms making a significant amount of money on every soccer match. Each country of the world will of course have their own unique set of Soccer Leagues and Soccer Divisions and as such you can find plenty of wagering opportunities every single day of the week if you have an interest in Soccer.

Should you wish to place a Soccer bet on any up and coming fixture, the betting sites listed below are where you should be heading. There more to betting on Soccer matches than just picking which team is going to win any match played, and this is where it really will pay for you to study the plethora of additional betting opportunities on offer on all up and coming and about to start Soccer matches.

It takes place every four years, and a pre-selected country hosts it. Betting on the FIFA World Cup is exciting, as many bettors like making outright wagers guessing the winner of the tournament. However, single-match betting is also quite common. However, MLS is not the most popular league in the world. We have several different betting guides in regards to betting on Soccer, and as such if you are more interested in placing more specific types of wagers and bets on the Football World Cup or the UEFA Football Champions League then do have a good look around our website as we have information and betting guides on these types of betting events and fixtures.

However if you are just looking for an overview of the many different types of Soccer bets that you can place online or even on your mobile phone or tablet device. The following section may come in handy for every soccer enthusiast with no prior experience in sports wagering, as many betting markets can be applied to other sports. A futures bet involves placing a wager on the winner of an entire competition or league. There are three possible outcomes for a single soccer match — home win, away win and draw.

A draw is a common sight in football games, so you can also pick a draw bet x , which usually comes with decent odds. If having three outcomes to choose from might be too bold for you, you can always make a double chance bet.

There are three possible choices:. For example, if you bet 1x on Toronto home against Montreal away , and the match ends , you still win the bet. Draw no bet is another less risky way to wager on soccer. You only get to choose home or away win. If a match ends in a draw, your original bet is returned to you. A sportsbook may suggest a number of goals that are likely to be scored in an upcoming match, and you get to choose whether there will be more over or less under goals than that.

In most cases, the suggested number is 2. For example, if you bet over 2. However, if the final score is , which is less than 2. A sportsbook may suggest the number of total goals that will be scored in an upcoming match, and you get to pick one of the suggestions and place a wager. Guessing the correct score is one of the most challenging bets you can make when wagering on soccer. If you feel brave enough, you can try to guess it.

You can bet whether both teams will score. Other options are to bet that only one side will score home or away or that nobody will score no goals. If you bet that both teams will score, then the actual score is not important as long as both home and away teams put the ball in the net. Handicapped betting or Asian handicap is commonly referred to as point spread or just spread betting in the US and Canada. Simply put, teams are handicapped with a certain number of goals.

For example, if you see Toronto All kinds of statistics are measured during soccer matches, and some of them are pretty interesting for bettors. Here are some of the special bets you can make:. Please consider that many sportsbooks have unique special bets — we listed just the most popular ones and their common variations. The beauty of soccer betting is that you have all the freedom to combine any types of bets, adding more excitement to the popular sport.

Throughout this article, we mentioned that you could get hefty bonuses when joining an online sportsbook in Canada. There are also plenty of soccer betting promotions aimed at regular bettors that can help you improve your overall wagering experience. A welcome bonus is awarded to new customers who join a betting site and make a deposit.

A typical bonus will give you rewards that match your deposit. In other words, any amount you deposit will be matched. To get a no deposit bonus, all you have to do is open an account. Make a bet up to a certain amount, and the betting site will make it free by loading your balance with that amount.

This bonus is similar to risk-free bets, except that you only get back your money if you lose the best. Sportsbooks are the fancy industry name for the website you visit to bet on football games online and not a book about sports like Grays Sports Almanac. When we evaluate NFL sports betting sites online, we look for the following:. Pretty much every NFL betting site offers some sort of bonus to its players.

While some promotions are better than others, the most common are welcome bonuses, where new members get a particular percentage up to a certain amount of money. NFL betting online is a lot easier with a user-friendly interface. Some NFL betting sites have a slightly difficult interface to navigate through, some stick with the same interface, while other online sportsbooks are criticized for outdated designs.

Most NFL bettors prefer a more simple, easy-to-use, clean, and up-to-date design. The more payment methods a cashier system has, the better. A wide range of payment options and the fees that come with each, is important. Online NFL betting is safe so long as you use reputable and trustworthy sites. Before you deposit any of your money into an online sportsbook account, you want to be extra sure that you can trust the people behind the site. The best NFL betting sites have agents available by phone, email, and live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some sites are even able to assist through their social media channels. In addition to English, the more reliable NFL betting sites offer a slew of languages including French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese just to name a few. And while the majority of online sportsbooks accept US dollars, they also accept Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, and Pounds.

Any of the sportsbooks we list above meet our criteria for a positive NFL betting experience, otherwise we wouldn't recommend them. From our list of sportsbooks, pick the one you like the best. The sign-up process only takes a few minutes. All you need is your email address and your deposit info ready.

You can use everything from PayPal to Bitcoin to fund your account. Fill out the relevant information and wait with bated breath for a confirmation email or link. This should happen quickly, like a center getting the ball into the quarterback's hands.

Look for a welcome offer, deposit bonus or first-time sports bettor rebates, like free bets, to give your NFL betting bankroll a boost. We can't guarantee you'll make enough cash to buy the Miami Dolphins, but we can guarantee that any of the sportsbooks we champion are reputable and have NFL betting odds on each NFL game played. There are many ways to bet on an NFL game. Often referred to as a straight-up bet, the moneyline requires you to pick an outright winner of the game.

NFL betting o dds would look something like this:. In this scenario, the Saints are the favorite - as denoted by the minus sign -. Betting on the dog comes with more risk, therefore, it's more financially rewarding. To see what you would win based on the amount of your bet and the odds, check out our Odds Calculator. To give both sides in a game an equal betting field, oddsmakers create a spread.

The underdog is given a certain amount of points and the favorite has that same number of points taken away. This is done to give the dog an advantage, which is great when betting on football games where one side is completely outmatched by the other.

NFL betting odds would look something like this:. Those who took the Steelers would need the team to win by five or more points. Those who bet on the Packers would need their team to either win the game or lose by four or less. If the final score is for Pittsburgh, the team did not cover the spread since they only won by four. However, Green Bay did cover since they only lost by four. If you believe the total will be more than 35, you would bet the OVER.

Let's say the Rams score three touchdowns 21 and the Seahawks score one TD 7 and a field goal 3. That would make the total 31 and those who bet the UNDER would be on the receiving end of a winning wager. Sometimes you'll see totals without the decimal. For example, for the same game, the total could be If the combined score is 35 exactly, it's called a PUSH. Should this happen, you would get your money back since you didn't win or lose your bet. Props are bet options that can be made on certain players or the team as a whole.

Or, how many TDs will Y throw? You can also make fun Super Bowl bets like: What will be the color of Gatorade poured on the winning Super Bowl coach? Or, how long will it take to sing the national anthem? These are bets made on events that usually take place at the end of the regular season. This is a bet that combines two or more bets on one ticket.

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