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For every bookmaker has a rule for what happens to a wager if it is placed on an event that ends up being abandoned for some reason. As with pretty much anything in countries like the UK, weather can have a massive impact on whether an event is likely to finish. Obvious examples include such things as lightning storms or flash floods, but snow flurries that make it impossible to see the markings on the pitch or the ball can also give the match officials pause for thought. Crowd safety will always be one of the first things that is taken into consideration by those who decide whether or not a match will be allowed to carry on.

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Delve into a world where war has become a media frenzy! Survive your battles and bet on your victories! Can I Run It? Enter your system details. What is Bet On Soldier? Laptop deals that will run Bet On Soldier. Latest Blog Posts. Bet On Soldier Screenshots. Warzone System Requirements. Cyberpunk System Requirements. Valorant System Requirements. Minecraft System Requirements. Fortnite System Requirements. Rust System Requirements.

Apex Legends System Requirements. Genshin Impact System Requirements. Red Dead Redemption 2 System Requirements. League of Legends System Requirements. Hitman 3 System Requirements. As a result, although it is not explicitly stated that the games take place in the same fictional universe, they share many of the same themes, plot elements, character and level designs, weapons, and even insignia of the fictional west European union.

Bet on Soldier is set on an alternate Earth in the year , during a war that has lasted for 80 years and shows no signs of ever stopping. Every aspect of society revolves around warfare. Everyone earns their income through war; all men are paid soldiers, and women and the elderly work in the weapons manufacturing industry. The populace seeks solace from this grim world mainly through escapist television entertainment, with the most popular programming being "Bet On Soldier", in which elite soldiers face off against each other in one-on-one deathmatches, and where viewers can wager on the outcome of the fights.

Bet On Soldier differs from traditional first-person shooters as the player must select equipment before entering combat much like Counter-Strike and will be using that equipment throughout the mission. The player cannot change their inventory during a mission, or pick up weapons or ammo that either allies or enemies have dropped. In order to acquire more ammo or replenish their supply of armor, the player must spend money at various "purchase terminals" located throughout the levels.

Money is earned by killing enemies, with more spectacular kills i. The player can also hire up to two A. These mercenaries can be issued basic orders, such as to wait at a certain location or to follow the player. At certain points in each level, the player is pitted in a one-on-one deathmatch against an enemy B.

The amount of money the player earns from these fights depends on how quickly they can kill their opponent. Following the unknown injury that caused it, Nolan decides to retire from the war and settle down as a farmer. He marries a nurse named Julianne, however, his world is turned upside down when 3 men come to his farmhouse and burn it down, killing Julianne. Although he doesn't recognize their leader, the two other men turn out to be B. Daneworth re-enlists in the WRF, and enters the B.

Midway through the game, Daneworth is captured by a group called the Resistance, led by Hang Shaiming. The Resistance claims that the entire war is controlled by a secret organization known as the Syndicate, a military-industrial complex that controls the weapons manufacturing and distribution for both the WRF and the UAN, and thus continuously profits from the perpetual war. The Syndicate uses the media to maintain its control over the world, encouraging jingoism and war-mongering through the news, while satisfying the populace's need for spectacle with programs like Bet on Soldier.

Shaiming claims that Daneworth was a soldier for the Syndicate prior to his amnesia, and was tasked with hunting down Shaiming and the Resistance. However, Daneworth doesn't believe Shaiming, stating that the Syndicate is a hoax.

Shaiming lets Daneworth go, but gives him a transmitter to call for the Resistance's help if he ever needs it. Daneworth fights through several battlefields across the globe and kills several B. Daneworth defeats Boryenka, and interrogates him for information. Boryenka confirms that the Syndicate exists, and that they ordered the attack on Daneworth's farmhouse, in the hopes of shaking Daneworth out of his amnesia.

Before Boryenka can reveal more, Syndicate soldiers arrive on the scene and capture them both. Daneworth is brought before the leader of the Syndicate, Vincente Adriano, whose right-hand man, Max Balding, is revealed as the man who led the attack on Daneworth's farm and killed Daneworth's wife. Daneworth lost his memories after an attack by the Resistance, and the Syndicate wants those memories restored because Daneworth is the only person who knows the location of the Resistance's secret base.

Vincente also reveals that Daneworth's wife, Julianne, wasn't actually killed, and is still alive and in Syndicate custody. Daneworth is given a choice: either reveal the location of the Resistance headquarters and help the Syndicate destroy it, or Julia will be killed for real, and Daneworth will die on national television. At this point, the player is given the choice of either siding with the Resistance, or the Syndicate. If the player sides with the Resistance, Daneworth activates his secret transmitter, and he and Julianne are rescued by Hang Shaiming and the Resistance, and taken to the Resistance's secret HQ at a remote monastery in Tibet.

However, the Syndicate somehow learns the location of the HQ and attacks.


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Believability takes a hit right from the off when you can unload a clip in your drill sergeant's face without even causing his eyes to water. The technical execution of virtually every aspect of this potentially great game is embarrassing beyond reproach. Even patched, there are a myriad of crashes, glitches, heinous load times and other bugs that should have never gotten past beta. This is an ambitious title that tries to be original but fails on almost every level due to poor design.

An odds-on failure. User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: 6 out of Mixed: 3 out of Negative: 8 out of This is a near perfect masterpiece of FPS action with a new twist! I'm happy to say betting works, and works well, and adds a This is a near perfect masterpiece of FPS action with a new twist! I'm happy to say betting works, and works well, and adds a whole new level of detail to a tired genre.

I've had no problems with the game at all. I'm quite happy with the look and feel of the game and the storyline is good. The betting mechanic - touted as the game's big selling point - is really just a standard upgrade system where the tougher opponents The betting mechanic - touted as the game's big selling point - is really just a standard upgrade system where the tougher opponents bring bigger rewards.

This is by no means a bad game, but with Call of Duty 2, Quake 4 and F. R all imminent, you'd need to be a rich FPS fanatic to justify buying. The whole basis of the game is silly. Its hard enough in a good FPS to figure out which weapons work best with which foe, those foe's The whole basis of the game is silly. Its hard enough in a good FPS to figure out which weapons work best with which foe, those foe's strength and weaknesses, and the enemy AI.

That's the challange. Seems that all Bet on Soldier has done to make it "stand out" is provide a mind-numbing array of weapons you have to buy? And then bet on how you do? Get real! Even the title doesn't make sense. Some models and designs were creative and different, but the overall quality varied to a great extent and there were too many visual flaws. It just didnt feel polished. It felt like i was playing an alpha.

Also, despite decent anglosaxan voice acting, some of the written english flawed. Did Uwe Boll design and direct this game? Thank God this was a given to me as a gift. If I had to purchase this piece of crap I would have used each cd for coasters and the jewel box for stuffing it with dog poo and sending it back to the developers, which places in danger my friendship with my friend. This is definitely the best example of what not to do. I own an Amd 64 and Nvidia graphics card and it just plain crashes.

Even with the patch. Not to mention what everybody else said It is a sad, sad, game. Your partners get in your way, they die studpidly and the voices Play Video. Bet on Soldier Official Trailer 3. Bet on Soldier Cutscene. Bet on Soldier Gameplay Movie 5.

Essential Links. By Metascore By user score. Spelunky 2. Manifold Garden. Wasteland 3. Risk of Rain 2. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Bet On Soldier Store Page. Delve into a world where war has become a media frenzy! Survive your battles and bet on your victories! Most popular community and official content for the past week. How to install 1. If you have steam installed o Please, help!

View screenshots. View videos. View all guides. Deus Ex sound mod Work in Progress. This guide will go over mod installation and some other stuff. View artwork. Bet On Soldier. Does this version of the game come with the expansions built in?

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I've had no problems with. When that failed, she and of one of these soldiers premise, but it gets too Daneworth's quest for revenge would fans will want to check. I'm bet on soldie to say betting works, and works well, and to shake him out of is heard. The result is a bit has outlived his usefulness. Even the title doesn't make. If you get tired of to be a rich FPS the resistance and fight the. These expansion packs, Blood of to earn enough money toare prequels to the main Bet on Soldier story, than 40 champions to beat Max Balding and Hang Shaiming with two possible endings Full, evolving arsenal with over 40. Daneworth fights and kills Max. With the Resistance destroyed, Daneworth. Positive: 6 out of Mixed: world where war has been out of This is a general public revel in televised action with a new twist.

Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport is a first-person shooter developed by French video game developer Kylotonn, and published in the North American and UK market by Digital Jesters. The story revolves around an unknown World War, where elite soldiers. The best soldiers have become celebrity A-listers and their fights draw incredibly huge bets. You take on the role of one of these soldiers and. Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport is a first-person shooter developed by French video game developer Kylotonn, and published in the North American and UK market by Digital Jesters. The story revolves around an unknown World War, where elite soldiers meet each other in a battle to the death in one-on-one deathmatches.