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For every bookmaker has a rule for what happens to a wager if it is placed on an event that ends up being abandoned for some reason. As with pretty much anything in countries like the UK, weather can have a massive impact on whether an event is likely to finish. Obvious examples include such things as lightning storms or flash floods, but snow flurries that make it impossible to see the markings on the pitch or the ball can also give the match officials pause for thought. Crowd safety will always be one of the first things that is taken into consideration by those who decide whether or not a match will be allowed to carry on.

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C9 night stalker vs demolisher betting

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Tip: Click an analysed process below to view more details. This report was generated with enabled TOR analysis. Domain Address Registrar Country caldas-pires. Contacted Countries. Steve Nov 28, , am Thank you, Eric. Playmobil Nov 28, , pm. I was afraid it'd be much like the Hulk one, without the profiles, specially the FF one.

Stuart V Nov 28, , pm. No, the Hulk Encyclopedia is an exception to the formatting, unlike any of the other Encyclopedia. Chris Day Dec 8, , pm. I appreciate you coming to the defence of our work and the entries are a lot of work, because we do try to be thorough and accurate as possible , but I also appreciate people raising anything they consider a genuine mistake. What does get wearing is when someone raises what they consider a mistake, we explain why it isn't, and then we have the original poster stubbornly hanging on in there, without coming back with a counter-argument backed by evidence, insisting we got it wrong.

Genuine mistakes should be raised, and I'd much rather have someone do so here or by e-mailing the address given on the OHOTMU faq page so we can either explain why it isn't wrong or fix it if it is, than have someone going on another board slagging the Handbooks off for errors which are often not really there.

I don't really want to continue arguments regarding the Phoenix Force, Gambit's origin, Belasco's Origin and the nature of Limbo, but at least I provided extensive evidence from multiple sources to support my arguments, I just hope that they were taken seriously instead of being disregarded on what was really less substantial evidence. I did and still do feel that these were genuine mistakes that need to be corrected for future entries.

Stuart V Dec 8, , pm. Actually, it was directed more to people who insist Deadpool is Wade Wilson, not Jack, or to those who insist that Galactus is a conceptual being with no real physical form, rather than a physical being who sometimes uses M-forms, despite the fact that the story which introduced the concept of M-forms has a panel stating "some physical beings also use M-forms" next to a picture of the big G.

Chris Day Dec 8, , pm pardon my asking - what are M-forms? Thanks Heavy Metal, I keep forgetting to the the wiki. The Wiki. Also any chance of a Wolverine ? Excellent work! Stuart V Dec 12, , am. M-forms are Manifestation Forms.

They are beings from the Dimension of Manifestations, living fractals who can assume any form, which are used by beings lacking their own physical body Death or Eternity, for example when they want to make a physical appearance. They are also used by some of the more powerful physical entities when they want to appear in more than one place simultaneously or appear somewhere far from their current location without wasting energy and time travelling - beings such as the Stranger and Galactus have been shown to use them.

The Magus used M-forms to create the doppelgangers the Earth's heroes fought during the Infinity War. I have a question , in most handbooks everyone is in alphabetical order in their own themed handbooks , except for Wolverine, he appears first and THEN it goes alphabetical which I understand but why not do this with the Spiderman handbook , the Hulk handbook etc?

Though we try to stick to an overall format for the Handbooks, they have evolved as time has passed, leading to occasional variations in formatting from book to book. Also, while we have an overall head writer Jeff Christiansen , who helps co-ordinate all the books, some books covering subsections of the Marvel universe have individual head writers Eric on the X-Men, Michael and Ronald for the Golden Age, Al for Spider-Man, Sean and me for Ultimate , and we have some leeway to amending the format in our books if we want to.

In the Wolverine book the title character was put at the start of the book, but afterwards the group felt that it didn't really make a lot of difference lets face it, no one buying the book could have failed to find Wolverine's entry, even if it had been put in further back , and it was best to stick to alphabetical order for uniformity's sake. Though Wolverine could get a small update to cover what's happened to him in the last year or so, there would be little point doing a whole new entry for him yet, as the last one was so extensive.

And with the alphabetical A-Z covering so many new characters, most of Wolverine's major friends or foes should have been covered by the end of , so it's doubtful he'd need another Handbook to himself. Moreels Dec 12, , am. Thanks definitely goes to my Wolvie '04 partner-in-crime Ronald Byrd for that one! As for a Wolvie '06 book, given that Marvel have opted to go for the A-Z series rather than themed one-shots its looking unlikely at this stage, but anything's possible, especially if enough people write to Marvel asking for such a book.

I mean it won't be like the Spider-Man Update in the book, will it? Another thing that caught my attention was in the front cover of the new X-Men handbook where you reference where readers might find other X-Men characters Wolverine's handbook was not referenced, even though there are many characters there that are also "X-Men characters was this becuase you felt it was more for die-hard Wolverine fans like myself as oppossed to the casual reader?

Or Maybe yu figured X-Men fans picked that one up? Again,trivial, but I am curious. Also a request, in the A-Z handbooks a profile on Sinsiter would be helpful to me, as I don't understand that characters appeal or gimmick. I never thought about buying them until recently? I also have to ask this,even though it might not be the place for it. Did he help in its publiciation? Are you guys involved with the Essential reprints? If so, are any entries going to be left out like they were with the original trades?

Madison Carter Dec 15, , am. Here I am to pester with more nerve racking questions! The Essentials are straight reprints of the original material, with no alteration in regards to history, images, etc. Not to disagree with Madison, and I haven't heard anything official to confirm this, but I'd lay good odds the entry on Rom will be removed, as it covers a licensed character Marvel no longer has a license for.

Something along the lines of Thomas Logan possible biological father and Dog Logan possible half-brother? Another thing I was wondering about is, in the old Deluxe Edition there were some guidlines for what characters could be included, such as they would have had to appear in the past year to recieve an entry or have a "uniqueness"?

Do you guys follow similiar guidelines? Madison Carter Dec 16, , pm. We have a little bit more freedom as far as this goes, at least so far as the appearance issue. Some of the characters are from the Golden Age, some are from this year, some are in-between.

All are unique, to us at least. Yeah, forgot about ol' Rom. Dunno how they're going to deal with that one. Guess we'll find out. Does Marvel sell back issues of the Handbook? Marvel itself does not offer back issues of any of their titles. Your best bet is to find them at your local comic store, or an online comic shop like Mile High Comics www. The only version of it created in the 90's was the Master Edition, the version with loose-leaf pages containing a lot of statistical information.

However, a good bit of that series originated early in the 90's, so many of the characters thought of from that era are either missing or seriously lacking in detail. Your best bet are the themed books and the upcoming A-Z, all of which are, of course, more up to date and include a good bit of the characters from that decade.

If you're a fan of 90's characters, I have a feeling you'll be really happy in the next half-year or so. Playmobil Dec 17, , pm. I would recommend the volume paperback. It covers a lot of characters. Playmobil Dec 20, , pm I've been wondering, does Marvel keep a detailed failed on its charaters for future reference?

Also do you guys happen to know if "Book of the Dead" and "Update '89" will be covered in the essentials? Stuart V Dec 23, , pm. Don't know about a Cosmic Being Handbook, but a lot of the characters you mention will get coverage in the A-Z.

I thought they couldnt cover liscened characters in the original handbooks, yet there was Rom, what gives? No idea on both counts, though I hope so - I'd also like to see the handful of entries which were only in the double-sized reprints such as Power Broker included, but again, I don't know if they will or not. Must have read wrong somewhere. Oh well, anyway I was reading "Maker" profile in the Women of Marvel, the way I understood the bio was that this character is the same character as the Beyonder, so shouldnt a different first appearance be listed for this characters, or am I interpreting this incorrectly?

Playmobil Dec 27, , pm I've been wondering, does Marvel keep a detailed failed on its charaters for future reference? Guys, I meant 'file' not 'failed'. Homer me! Madison Carter Dec 29, , am As far as Rom goes, I distinctively remember them mentioning in an article on either the original Handbook or the Deluxe Edition that they could include Rom at the time because their agreement with Parker Brothers was different from most of the regular licenses.

Madison Carter Dec 29, , am. Theoretically, that's what the Handbooks are for. It was Gruenwald's original intentions to make sure every writer and artist had a copy of every issue to use. I think that has tended to lapse a little in recent years though. Michael Regan Dec 29, , am. In other words, if you can get any profiles on these characters, not matter how old, keep it and treasure it 'cause it ain't comin' back!

Playmobil Dec 29, , pm. But wouldn't an internal handbook have to be more detailed? It would also have to include every character and not a small selection. Michael Regan Dec 30, , pm. It has been generally discovered that fan-based listings and web sites have been more detailed that in-house lists due to constant "changing of hands" over the years.

That is easily why comixfan. Chris Day Jan 1, , pm in what order were the handbooks released? Moreels Jan 1, , pm. While he originally possessed class strength, "Colossus" actually has class strength. His strength increased following his long convalescence from the injuries he sustained during the Mutant Massacre.

The strength increase was stated and shown several times in the books, and the looseleaf handbook reflected this change by noting the class strength level. No, I didn't! That's very, very cool! Chris Day Jan 1, , pm. How about the pre-Internet days? Playmobil Jan 2, , pm. You should charge residuals Michael Regan Jan 3, , pm. That was in a less complicated age with far less titles and mini-series, not to mention far less people involved in writing and of course upper management.

Stuart V date missing. From the writer of that profile "This is Kosmos, but the Beyonder information was necessary to explain her back story. The profile was not intended to cover the Beyonder who had entries in previous handbooks. I have to disagree with that comment. A lot of fan sites are error ridden or simply copied verbatim from the Handbooks - why rate a site that relies on plagiarism?

There's some excellent, but narrow-focused sites out there which cover single characters or small groups in great detail. And there's a handful of broader sites out there which actually do their own research and strive for accuracy - this one, uncannyxmen. The Marvel Database is hoping to become a wide focus, accurate listing site, but it's a long way off yet, and there'll be some others I've missed out, but generally, if you want to cover a wide range of characters in any detail, the Handbooks are still your best bet.

Actually, its because the Handbook writers mostly originated as some of the marvunapp. To be one of the elders, one must be the last survivor of one of the most ancient sentient races in the cosmos. The Eternals, and thus the Titans, have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, true, but there are still a fair amount of them about. I also question a portion of the entry for Starfox in the current Avengers Handbook.

It states that Thanos killed and dissected his mother to find out why he was born different. Originally it was stated that Sui-san was a victim of Thanos' first bombardment. This revision didn't last long without being challenged. In vol 3, 40 of the Silver Surfer, a continuity-minded letter-writer brought up the conflict between the original story of Sui-San's death, and Mentor's version. The editors at the time, Craig Anderson and Renee' Witterstaetter, replied, saying that the original story was indeed correct and that Mentor was deluded over the nature of his wife's death.

Years later, Starlin also seems to have disregarded that little aside and ignored it. In Thanos 1, the Titan goes on to tell Warlock that Sui-San was the one member of his family he might actually have spared if given the choice. Now, I'm not fully-versed in all of Starfox's appearances, far from it in fact.

So, if Starfox also made this claim in one of his appearances, then I missed it. Otherwise, the tale is something of an anomaly. All that being said, the Handbooks are incredibly accurate most of the time, and are indeed the best source of character info aside from the issues themselves clawsofwolverine Jan 8, , pm The Handbooks are also the best because they are approved and produced by Marvel themselves.

People can just get online and just make stuff up online, if they want to. The official handbooks may have errors as well, but at least they are official errors! Gaara of the Sand Jan 9, , pm. The Handbooks are also the best because they are approved and produced by Marvel themselves. Yeah, but to be fair, the Clone Saga was an official erorror too Eric J. Doesn't get more official than that! Michael Regan Date missing.

Of course he is. A reprint does not require the acquisition of the rights again or am I wrong. Stuart V Jan 21, , pm. If that were the case, then Marvel would be reprinting the Marvel-originated Conan and Star Wars, not Dark Horse, and the Godzilla reprints wouldn't be more expensive than other Essentials and be a one-off no reprinting the Essential after the one print run. Michael Regan Jan 21, , pm. Then, how is it Rom is included? Not sure, as I'm not privy to Marvel's negotiations with other companies.

Marvel arranged a deal to reprint Godzilla, so perhaps they did the same for Rom. I can't imagine Parker Bros would ask for much, since it's only a single page about a no-longer available toy, and the book isn't being sold on the presence of Rom in it.

Michael Regan Jan 22, , am. My guess would be that no one currently holds ROM rights unless Parker Brother does , and was only ever published by Marvel, so it was easy. Conan, for instance, has been everywhere and will always be somewhere, so that index will be lost to history. Does this make sense? Stuart V Jan 22, , am. Parker Bros would still own the rights, unless they'd sold them on to someone or gone out of business; I still think its most likely they simply aren't too bothered about a single page of reprint about a deleted toy line character, and so asked for at most a nominal fee to let it stay in.

Whatever the reason, lets just be glad Rom managed to be included. Rayeye Jan 23, , pm. Which brings me to another question, was there an entry for Conan in the original run of handbooks? For Conan characters, there was a special Handbook of Conan Universe. Michael Regan Jan 23, , pm. As with the Transformers characters. Was there one for the GI Joe characters? Playmobil Jan 23, , pm. Haven't got the issue, so I can't tell you.

Anybody else knows? Conan, Sonja, Kull and Valeria all had entries. Groo's another property altogether. Michael Regan Jan 27, , pm. I mean as oppossed to just reading about the characters you're interested in? Me, I read an entry a day in the order the themed books came out but this is very slow so right now I am on "Electro" and there are more than characters in "Themed" Edition" I feel like I'm never going to reach the more recent entries.

I tried to make an aplhabetical list of all the characters there had been so far but I found when I did this I would be reading bios out of a chronologial happenning of events for the characters. Then I thought I would read just as many bios as I could from one handbook in one day but found I become bogged down with too much information and couldnt pay attention to the bio's I was reading.

Since I paid for these books I want to read every word but I wish I could get through them faster. Any advice? I noticed that Madrox's eyes are blue in two panels and brown if close up enough to see the color in the rest of the issue. This is what I've written in the summary.

Can you please settle the question? This is one of two panels in which his visible eye is blue instead of brown. Comixfan's bio for Jamie says they're blue. The Marvel Directory entry doesn't say. I haven't unpacked enough boxes to have reached my first series "X-Factor" issues. They seem to be colored brown or blue or grey.

Does the Multiple Man have multiple eye colors or what? I'm writing my unofficial spoiled summary for "X-Factor" 3. I don't yet have X-Factor 3, but is this possibly due to lighting influences in particular panels conflicting entries ignored? Hey, perhaps Jamie has a latent mutation which changes his eye colour just kidding My collecteion is in complete chaos at the moment, but if I can find anything specific I'll post my findings. Ann Nichols Feb 4, , pm Thank you.

Stuart V Feb 5, , pm. The miscolouring of the eyes is likely just a mistake; however, with Peter David writing, I wouldn't rule it out as a bit of subtle foreshadowing. And joking aside, RedKnight's point might be more valid than he thinks.

We already know Jamie's mutation has evolved over time so that now his dupes display different facets of his personality to greater and lesser degrees; who's to say that occasionally this might not also manifest in small physical differences, such as differing eye colours?

Even though the duplicates are effectively clones with identical DNA, eye colour isn't exclusively decided by DNA, and can change with age or due to disease. Lia Brown Feb 6, , am My eyes were blue as a child, green as a teenager, and now they're green-brown I'm a freak Blob and Avalanche have colour-changing eyes all the time in the comics, though they're both supposed to have brown.

Michael Regan Feb 6, , am Among human phenotypes, blue eyes are a relatively rare eye color. They are found mainly in people of northern European and eastern European descent, and to a lesser extent, in people of southern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. South Asians may also have blue eyes, but this is uncommon, except amongst Pathans and in Kashmir and Punjab.

Finland has the highest percentage of blue-eyed people. Many caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, though their eyes will darken, or change color. Most infants' eye color is set within a couple of days to a couple of weeks, though some people's eye color will continue to change for a number of years.

It appears my post was nly partially correct about changin eye colour. See the full post at wikipedia. Foenix Feb 10, , am I always save my Handbooks for when I don't have anything else to read. I just this morning finished reading the Secrets of the House of M special. Of course, I saved the 'special' Handbook type tomes for after I was caught up on the normal 'canon' guides, so that slipped those even further behind than the rest. No real information overload and no complicated method to juggle all the issues sitting around to try and read the bios, no complicated lists Just going straight through, as the whim strikes me.

J Ann Nichols Feb 10, , pmThank you all. So who was the "Montgomery Sinclair" who was supposedly Rahne Sinclair's father? Did Craig just pick that name out of a hat, so to speak, or was her late, unknown, "lady of the night" mother's last name "Sinclair"? Perhaps "Montgomery" was a family name amongst the Craigs and the sanctimonious rotter used the name as a private joke? Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate it you guys try to give us fans a complete picture of the characters.

By the way Marvel was very creative to have combined the body of AoA-Abyss with Abyss' head to create a whole picture of the guy. Andrivet Feb 11, , pm In the s handbook, am I correct in assuming that El Toro's Height is supposed to be 6'8"? Gaara of the Sand. In the s handbook, am I correct in assuming that El Toro's Height is supposed to be 6'8"? Don't pay much attention to heights and weights.

Remember back when everyone was a head taller than Wolverine? Or how about how Juggy is 6'7" or 6'9", forget which and weighs lbs? He'd look like a muscular Blob. And considering Juggy and Hulk tend to be comparable physically in appearance, their physical stats tend not to match one bit. Hell I remember in an old Deadpool mini where Juggy looks like he's at least 12 feet tall.

Michael Regan Feb 13, , am Loving every issue more than the next. Fantastic work. The s handook was exceptional in it's inclusion of so many minor characters which have long been forgotten. Too much information is never enough. Would it be wrong of me to request consideration of an Amalgam Handook? Personally I think it could have fit in well with the Alternate Earths handbook, but with all the false history that was created during the run, perhaps a book of it own would be well received.

Just don't forget to included everyone's first and "first" apperances that is actual and fictional first apearances. Perhaps covers from some of the fictional comics could be included now, I'm stretching Binaryan Feb 23, , pm I am also really loving the new Handbooks and it has certainly taken me back to and picking up those new handbooks from my local comic shop! I love learning all the nuanced details of obscure characters and favorites alike and it's clear that it's a labor of love from the writing team.

The one major detraction to my overall enjoyment has been the artwork in the books. Springing to mind immediately are the pictures for Sunset Bain and Captain UK in the first two issues. There are some pics that I just think are poor choices given all the images of a character that are out there but with others like these two it's clearly a case where the "art reconstruction" was not done very well.

And then there are things like having a headshot of Erg from X-Men: the next to Callisto that just make me shake my head. Where can I apply to work on the art reconstruction for these books William Keogh Mar 5, , pm. I certainly agree with you on Exodus and the High Evolutionary. Among the others, I don't know if you're aware that Moonboy if there's just the one has been covered in the Marvel Monsters handbook from last fall. Playmobil Mar 6, , pm And, in addition to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s handbooks, how about a Timely Comics Handbook?

Michael Regan Mar 6, , pm. That's a great idea! Don't forget one for Atlas as well, but it may be hard to have enough to make a complete book. There are just two issues to collect and they could do some update. Michael Regan Mar 15, , pm. Why not just buy the originals? Moreels Mar 16, , am. Yes, especially since the history text refers to her working as such.

Playmobil Mar 17, , pm I've read there's an Eternals Sketchbook coming out. Will this include characters bios? Mar 17, , pm Eric J. Not that I've heard, but anything's possible. Gaara of the Sand Mar 19, , pm What video games are canon? What intercompany crossovers are canon?

DC from a few years back is, but is anything else? Thanks Playmobil Mar 20, , pm Why not just buy the originals? And what are TPB's for? I didn't mean to have it released right now, but some time from now, with the necessary updates. Michael Regan Mar 20, , pm.

I was just thinking that since they just recently came out and there are only two Are there any plans to release power charts for the characters who appeared in books without them i. Michael Regan Apr 3, , pm. Quick question from someone who's new to the site. This releases are OH style but are less handbooks and more reference.

I trust that the related entries with appear in the individual A-Z releases. The individual A-Z releases state that readers should reference the previous guides i. My mistake I guess, but your question was not character specific only book specific. I had not seen that statement in the A-Z guide. This was only covered in the set of 12 handbooks and nothing since and a lot has happened since. Thanks Billy Eric J. Moreels Apr 5, , am.

Check the inside front covers of the A-Z issues for an alphabetical listing of characters recently-featured in the themed one-shots and other related handbook-style titles. This question has probably been asked a million times already, but I simply can't go through 9 pages of this thread. Is there a plan to trade up the A-Z Handbook? I missed the first issue and when that happened I just decided to do what I never WANT to do and 'wait for the trade'.

Also, just how cool are you guys for putting out handbooks that actually rival the originals from back in the day? Sean McQuaid Apr 12, , am. Trade collections of recent handbooks have been discussed, but no firm plans yet. Sales of the non-trade editions will help determine whether trades appear later on, of course. Glad you're liking the book, and thanks for the flattering comparison.

As for how cool we are, some of the Handbook crew are indeed frigidly frosty-cool, info-rich phenoms. Myself, I tend to be room temperature. Science is baffled. The first issue did not come out that long ago. Have you asked your local comic shop to place a back-order? Century bio and say that the events of Disassembled caused him to come back to life and fleece the good citizens of Anaconda, Montana for all they had, would it then become canon?

I don't know if I could handle that sort of power. Edit: To sneak this in after it was replied, but not to clog up the boards more, and since I should have rightfully said it in the first place, I used to love hunting down the old OHMU issues when I was a kid. Keep up the good work. Moreels Apr 12, , am. So if you were to sneak in, let's say, a Turner D.

Unless its necessary for a continuity patch, we tend to shy away from making such additions ourselves. There are rare occasions when we've been able to give character s real name s or places of birth, and even rarer times when we've been able to flesh out a character's backstory such as Anole, Bling, Jazz and Onyxx in the Files , but typically those are only done with the assist of the character's creators and editorial.

Will this just be a collection of the Nova Corp. More importantly will they have power grids? I'd like to discuss something that apparently hasn't been discussed here before: For years i've been thinking that an online OHOTMU would be the best solution. Whatever the cost of producing it, a website or CD-R would be cheaper to make terefore to sell than paper. Is is totally irrelevant or could it be considered? Thanx for your opinion. Great idea. If editorial will green light handbooks for one-off yet cool events like Marvel Monsters and Marvel Westerns, than I think that a T-Bolts handbook could be worthwhile in terms of content and good marketing for the core book.

The members alone would fill most the pages and they all have rich enough histories that their bios would be pretty comprehensive. It would also help bring in apprehensive new readers in since its safe to say that T-Bolts is one of the most status quo changing book out right now. A milestone in which a book like this would make the most sense th issue , but there's got to be a good time to do this. Consider it, please. Madison Carter Apr 19, , am It's a nice idea, but outside the specials the decades, western, etc.

What the future brings This may sound a bit out there, but have you guys ever tried for a Thunderbolts Handbook? Great idea Perhaps two entries per individual where warented would be a good idea WhitePhalkon May 2, , pm Hi.

I was just wondering if i could ask a few questions about the Phoenix Forces entry and all references to it in other bios. Basically im still confused as to what exactly it is. Initially Chris Claremont said it was the first spark that ignited creation so presumably the Big Bang , then i read in the handbooks that it was a nexus point for all psionic energy in existence, then Excalibur in the 90's showed it was the energies of the Big Bang again and that if it manifested sentience and therefore became a life form unto itself within the closed system of the universe it absorbed energy reserved for future generations as life feeds on life and this seems to be the interpretation you stuck with in the latest Phoenix bio.

Whew lol So if thats the case if the Phoenix Force is the energies of creation as Reed said in F4 and as your bio definition seems to say as well then surely theres a connection between the Phoenix Force and the Power Primordial? Wouldnt it stem from the Phoenix or maybe even be the same thing? Lastly your recent Eternity entry said that the only being known to have authority over Eternity was The Living Tribunal, but surely thats not true if the Phoenix Force is the life force of reality, which Eternity embodies.

On top of that as we've seen from Uncanny X-men M'kraan crystal incident and New X-men manifesting in the palm of her hand and altering its timeline theres been multiple occassions where the fate of the multiverse and the reality respectively have rested in her hands. To be able to shape s future like that certainly contradicts with that statement. Gaara of the Sand May 3, , am Thanks Gaara.

Well im really into the Phoenix Force as imo its the most interesting of the fundamental forces. Its just a shame you never get to see it outside of X-titles What do you think its role is in th emultiverse and what do you think the White Hot Room is?

My own opinion? I think the Phoenix Force is a joke. It was all well and good when it was the guardian of the M'Karn Crystal, but once they started trying to tag on abstracthood and universal importance to it, I just thought it was crap. There is no real reason for it, and it makes little sense for an abstract being to not know what it itself actually is and for the most part to protect a single item.

Every time the PF has had some kind of meeting with a cosmic being, I always just see it as silly. As to the White Hot Room, that was blatantly stolen from Mark Grunewald's work on Quasar, where all previous Protectors of the Universe exist in the White Room instead of any other realm of the dead. As to multiversal Those are the Multi-Eternity and the Living Tribunal. The reason you don't see the PF outside of X-Books is because of its nature. It is always within a mutant and it always makes others job out to it.

No fun there. WhitePhalkon May 4, , am But wasnt the Phoenix being a guardian of the M'kraan crystal just something stated in the animated series? I dont recall that notion ever being put forward in the comics as its role. Cosmic importance was applied to the Force during the original Phoenix Saga and therefore preceded the cosmology as depicted by writers like Starlin in the early 90's.

Therefore the Phoenix having universal importance isnt something that was just tagged on in the face of an established cosmology. It was the energies of creation, the Big Bang whilst Eternity embodied all life along the timeline.

However Phoenix being an X-character and somewhat protected just like all the others it seems meant that it wasnt involved in any of said sagas of the 90's, which was a shame. Well i wouldnt go as far as to say theres no reason for it, because according to Roma in Excalibur and as supported in the latest bio entry it is the life force of the universe and without it the universe would be left a void "wherein exists not the smallest potential for life".

I do agree however that Alan Davis' interpretation where he had the Phoenix not knowing its role in creation was dumb however wasnt that due to it taking on a human consciousness? Because that would explain it and fits in with the idea of the Phoenix Consciousness in New X-men who directed the Corps in multiversal affairs as seen in New and therefore very much knew and had an established role in creation.

As for it only protecting one item for the most part, given that the item is a nexus of realities and therefore holds multiversal importance i dont really see that role as non sensical or insignificant lol. Yeah i read Quasar so i caught the reference. Morrisson tried to Kaballahize it i thought though with all his talk of "White Phoenix Of Crown" and your existence in the White Hot Room predating your physical birth into reality and so on.

I love all that mysticism and symbology stuff so i thought it was a cool concept. I just thought that description fitted in really well with the current interpretation of the Phoenix as the Big Bang and it explained Phoenixes connection with the crystal. Among other things its an access point to the home dimension of the Phoenix Consciousness as the latest bio stated which presumably manifests through it as the Big Bang in which it is reborn into reality.

That matches up with what was originally said about the crystal in Uncanny X-men and as both Phoenixes and Galactus latest bios reference the end of X-men Adventures 12 Phoenix saving existence from eternal damnation before the crystal wiped out the multiverse as being canon it seem thats what actually happened. The crystal reset reality and was reborn from the subsequent Big Bang.

Sorry i waffled on a bit there lol Gaara of the Sand May 5, , am This is getting annoying, this is the third time I've had to try and post this! But wasnt the Phoenix being a guardian of the M'kraan crystal just something stated in the animated series? Yeah, I could very well be confusing the two, it's been years since I read the arc and the show was so much more memorable. What cosmic importance was it given?

As to Starlin, he didn't create the cosmic hierarchy or contribute to it. The closest thing he made as a contribution was Chronos. It is non-cannonical as it takes place in the universe of the cartoon. So officially the Phoenix has had nothing to do with the creation of the universe. As to it embodying all life We've seen the Phoenix Force die in other universes, and we've seen that force of reality that are supposed to "end all upon their deaths" never do.

I just can't buy it being multiversal in nature, we've seen PF's die in other universes, and nothing has been shown to support it being multiversal outside of that ludicrous story. Ah, but we have seen the M'Kraan Crystal destroyed in other universes with no ill effects nothing big anyways.

That's just silly, at the center of each galaxy is a mega black hole, you can't move one with another. As I said above, Tom B has said that the Handbook staff was wrong in their citing of X-Men Adventures and also in the case of video games. And the damnation thing Dweller was going to feed on fear, that's all. And still, it was a stolen plot from Dweller's previous big arc More historical text from Comixfan Eric J.

Moreels May 5, , am. Which is itself just another alternate reality in the megaverse. There's no reason why it can't be considered as canon as any other alternate reality and hence its inclusion in the Handbooks. Due to the extensive trimming required, the entry appears to indicate that the Phoenix is the force that saved Galan. While the information as stated is not wrong, the conclusion it seems to guide to is not quite accurate.

The original entry as written was over twice the allowed length, and had to be heavily trimmed. The intent of the sentence was lost in the trimming process. It would be more accurate to say: As the previous universe met its end, the Phoenix Force harnessed the positive emotions of everyone in the cosmos to save them from eternal damnation, enabling the sentience of the universe join with Galan and allow him to survive into the next reality. To clarify further: Nothing is said about whether the Phoenix force petitioned the sentience of the universe or not.

One might infer that, if one chose to. That is one interpretation, certainly, but the official interpretation is that it is the reality that existed before the current multiverse. Phoenix harnessed all of the positive emotions of everyone in the universe to save all of its inhabitants from eternal damnation, enabling the sentience of the universe join with Galan of Taa and allow him to survive the destruction of the universe, and to ultimately become Galactus in that Universe.

So, the implication is that the events of that series took place in the universe before the current one. During this conflict, the Living Tribunal is seen to be holding the Two Brothers in the palm of his hand, as he goes to consult with his "hooded, spectral ally" clearly the Spectre.

As the old universe is destroyed, the Tribunal releases the Brothers to "assume their pre-destined roles as architects of new realities. Their intentions seem quite clear and there is no information to dispute this. The M'Kraan Crystal is a nexus of realities. Destruction of the crystal destroyed the multiverse, effectively ending all realities and starting a new multiverse. The activities that occur in that issue are the very last in any reality.

Since it can alter reality, it could have created this plague retroactively. The Phoenix dies only to be reborn again. It was re-created at the Big Bang. Galan would not have even been remotely aware of the Phoenix Force's involvement, and the Phoenix Force likely would not have recognized Galactus as the former Galan. Plus, some 15 billion years passed, so memories may be a little rusty. There is nothing that actually states it to be an alternate reality, and there is no evidence that suggests that there was not an Earth in the previous universe.

This information is not even new. It has a precedent in the Fantastic Four Encyclopedia, and both times the information was approved by Tom Brevoort. Others have commented on the Spectre. I am not an expert on DC, so I can't argue that, but I don't need to. There was "a" Spectre present as representative of the DC Multiverse. Who exactly he was and how he got there is beyond the scope of Marvel Handbooks.

Gaara of the Sand May 5, , pm. Yes, it is indeed a part of the same megaverse, but it isn't even in the same multiverse. It is as cannon as all the other various multiverses that make up the Marvel Megaverse. But what one multiverse does doesn't affect another unless it's attacking another But this was a totally unrelated multiverse.

Its inner workings don't influence 's multiverse. Well, actually there is something to dispute this. The only crossover that is, is JLAvengers. We've seen the Crystal destroyed in AoA and it didn't make a new multiverse. We have also seen other universes be completely destroyed, the Crystal included, with no ill effects beyond the universe being destroyed.

That's all well and good for the cartoon universe, but it doesn't apply to And what's with the "eternal damnation" schtick? Dweller was just making himself a schmorgesboard of universal proportions. That's circular logic, nothing says that it is canon. Likewise, nothing says Galan wasn't made of macaroni and cheese. Also, it was based in the cartoon universe, and with Tom saying it isn't canon, I think it has definitvely been tossed out.

Tom either missed it or changed his mind. He has also said that video games are not canon and neither are those one shot comics for fundraisers and those sold with Doritoes and such. But I think the Hostess shorts are still up for grabs. Another area of contention is Galactus being listed as a physical being one with a real body rather than an abstract one without a real body, such as Death or Eternity, who instead manifests physically through the use of M-Bodies.

Simply put, Galactus is a physical being:. The Contemplator the real one, not the Skrull imposter answers that he doesn't know why, and they went to find out. Quasar has studied under Eon and has a decent idea of what's going on, though he could have been mistaken. The Contemplator is extensively educated and highly knowledgable, and he certainly gave no response that would indicate disagreement.

Anthropomorpho whose people provide the M-Bodies used by abstracts later says "Certain powerful entities also enlist our services so they mat be able to put in appearance somewhere without actually attending. We give our newborns the finite beings to practice on before they are allowed to manifest abstract beings. Certainly, Galactus is more than purely physical, he is of cosmic importance; however, he is not an abstract being.

Mark Gruenwald wrote the above story, and he invented M Bodies. He clearly saw Galactus as a physical being. Tom Brevoort supports this. Never has there been a story that shows Galactus as a soley abstract being using an M-Body every time he wants to take physical form. I'm curious, how could Stranger be physical if he could have been the fourth face of the Living Tribunal? Moreels May 5, , pm. Events from one universe can and have repeatedly throughout Marvel's history influence events in another.

Characters crossing over, histories being altered, etc. This specific instance is just another such time. I haven't seen him comment on X-Men Adventures or promo comics. But none of that happened. No one crossed over and no history was altered. This was another multiverse. OK, I was wrong about promo's, someone brought it up and Tom didn't respond.

I know there was the Golden Age Handbook awhile back and it even had such Atlas luminaries as Venus, Yellow Claw and Marvel Boy, as well as the Monster Handbook which covered a fair amount of one of Atlas' corners, and even the Legacy Handbook, but I think a comprehensive look at this odd era of Marvel's history would be really well received, as it was such an odd time and so little of it publication has seen recent reprint.

C'mon guys! This would be great! Stuart V May 11, , pm. It's not us you have to convince. Sadly, the Golden Age Handbook was one of the poorest selling of the themed books, so I suspect Marvel would be reluctant to do another book set just around the Atlas era. That said, we wouldn't have predicted the Monsters or Western books, so who knows?

This is getting annoying, this is the third time I've had to try and post this! It was stated to be the primal force of creation a power second only to Marvels supreme being by Uatu and when Jean first became Phoenix in Uncanny she stated that she was life incarnate, later on in the 80's it was established that it was the sum and substance of all that lives, the life energy of creation.

Chris Claremont stated time and time again that it was the spark that ignited creation and was the final fire that would consume it. Not true at all. In canon comics such as F4 various issues of Excalibur 52 specifically and X-titles this months Uncanny Phoenix is stated and shown to have remanifested into creation as the Big Bang.

These comics also state that the Phoenix is the creation power that made Galen into Galactus and the power that drives evolution Fantastic Four Annual 23, X-men Forever mini As to it embodying all life Eternity HAS been called that but upon the rise to prominence of Infinity mostly due to the Infinity Sagas of the 90's it has in recent years been clarified that he is the embodiment of the timeline whilst Infinity embodies space.

Thats whats been stated in virtually all of his appearances recently and was confirmed in his bio entry last week. Phoenix is the Big Bang which spawned the universe and as such is the life energy that flows within it. The Phoenix dies all the time, thats part of its nature, however it doesnt literally die as in essence as stated on panel and supported in the bio its ultimately indestructible.

It may be your opinion that that storyline was ridiculous but it doesnt change the fact that the White Hot Room is part of continuity in Marvel. Pre retcon Beyonder claimed that out of all the beings he'd encountered he was most impressed by Rachels connection to the Force and that she had the potential out of all to most be like him.

Uncanny and Ah, but we have seen the M'Kraan Crystal destroyed in other universes with no ill effects nothing big anyways. Are you referring to AOA? If so then didnt Bishops time travelling originally mean that the crystal never got damaged in the first place as the mainstream reality took over again meaning that Jean was around to fix the crystal. That's just silly, at the center of each galaxy is a mega black hole, you can't move one with another Doesnt matter if you find the concept silly.

Its comic book science it is what it is and doesnt change the fact that its canon. Theres dispute about that so i'll leave it. Regardless as per current continuity Phoenix is still the Big Bang which birthed The Dweller would have had a creations worth of fear to feed on. He would have become ridiculously powerful and who knows possibly challenge to the fundamental forces. For all we know tha could have impeded the creation cycle in some manner. Whatever would have happened Phoenix saw it necessary to prevent him becoming so powerful before the crystal wiped out the multiverse.

Gaara of the Sand May 15, , am It was stated to be the primal force of creation a power second only to Marvels supreme being by Uatu and when Jean first became Phoenix in Uncanny she stated that she was life incarnate, later on in the 80's it was established that it was the sum and substance of all that lives, the life energy of creation. When did Uatu say this? As to Jean saying what she did, how many times have we seen a character say they are "[blank] incarnate"?

These comics also state that the Phoenix is the creation power that made Galen into Galactus and the power that drives evolution Fantastic Four Annual 23, X-men Forever mini But we know that the Big Bang's energies still exist, and have nothing to do with the PF. In the Annual, it was stated that the PF embodies the stars of the universe, it isn't in and of itself life, but the benefits of stars allow life to come into existence.

And nothing was mentioned of it embodying evolution, only that the Dark Phoenix spurs it on. Of course, this was the same comic that equated Mephisto in a green suit , Chthon, and the Dweller in the Darkness to the likes of Thanos and D'Spayre As to FF , that entire arc was one of the worst in cosmic comics history. Continuity was abandoned almost entirely and characterization was non-existent. I haven't read X-Men Forever, so I can't really comment there.

Infinity has nothing to do with the "Infinity" mini series' that came out in the early 90's. Their names were derived from the infinity gems. Infinity only had minor appearances in Infinity War and Infinity Abyss Infinity's only major appearance was in Quasar. Besides, the two of them are basically one in the same being, what one is so is the other.

But the Phoenix Force itself was within Death's realm. It was dead, as dead as everyone else in the Earth X series. The next universe was even nearing birth, and the next Eternity selected, and all without the PF lifting a single flaming finger. Uncanny and And pre-retcon Cable was a cyborg who had no relation to the Summers family. It's amazing what retcons can do. Anyways, the retcon makes the point moot.

Ah, but the universe existed after the destruction of the M'Karn Crystal. The fear of a universe, especially considering most were dying or dead, would put Dweller on the level of Love and Hate, not above Eternity and Living Tribunal. WhitePhalkon May 15, , pm When did Uatu say this? Uatu said this in Uncanny X-men Supporting my claim that Phoenix has been represented as a major power and integral cosmic force for a very long time.

Regardless, it has been stated in the past and it is now current continuity as its stated in recent comics and is supported in Phoenixes latest bio entry. But we know that the Big Bang's energies still exist, and have nothing to do with the PF.

If its stated on panel that the Power Primordial is derived from the Big Bang then how does that dispute or contradict with the multitude of on panel statements and artistic depictions that say Phoenix IS the Big Bang?

It doesnt at all. It just stands to reason that the Power Primordial along with any other universal energy source is derived from the Phoenix Force by varying degrees of separation. The point just hasnt been made by Marvel as of yet. Phoenix being the Big Bang, has and many a time. You'll even find yet another comment from Uatu to be found in last weeks Uncanny X-men stating the point.

It says no such thing. It states that the well spring from which the stars draw their sustenance sometimes manifests as Dark Phoenix which itself spurs evolution.


See Piloting Skill Rolls,p. Heat: Jumping generates a great deal of heat, 1 Heat Pointfor every hex jumped with a minimum cost of 3 Heat Points. Even if a BattleMech only jumps 1 hex, it builds up 3 HeatPoints for that jump. The BattleMech jumps to Hex B, 4hexes away. Because the BattleMech is using jumpmovement, it spends only 1 MP for every hex that itmoves, ignoring all terrain costs for the hexes it passesover and for the hex in which it lands.

As it lands,the player can face the BattleMech in any direction hechooses, at no extra cost. The BattleMech could have jumped into Hex B byat least three paths, as indicated on the diagram. See Facing, p. Usually, he will do this at the end ofmovement to hide or make attacks against the BattleMech moredifficult.

This action creates no additional heat, causes no fallingdamage, and costs 1 MP. The BattleMech drops with the samefacing it had while standing and is automatically face down, asin an unintentional fall see Falling, p. ProtoMechs: ProtoMechs can never be prone. Eachattempt to stand costs 2 MP. A BattleMech may stand duringthe same Movement Phase that it fell, as long as it still has sufficientMP to make the attempt and was not jumping that turn.

BattleMechs may only attempt to stand during the MovementPhase. A BattleMech may attempt to stand even if missing oneleg or one or both arms. If a BattleMech begins the Movement Phase prone, it mustdeclare whether it will walk or run before it attempts to stand.

If the attempt is notsuccessful, the BattleMech falls again, taking falling damage,using the same facing it had on the ground as its initial facing. The unit may make repeated attempts to stand as long as it hasMovement Points available. Once the BattleMech successfully stands, it may face inany direction at no cost , regardless of its facing while on theground, and may either walk or run using any remainingMovement Points. Heat: Each attempt to stand creates 1 point of heat.

Theseunits can consist of any combination of vehicles and infantry,but only one of the units in the hex can be a BattleMech. Inother words, a maximum of 4 units may occupy a hex at the endof the Movement Phase 2 units from each force by ending theirmovement in that hex, but only one of the 4 units may be aBattleMech. During the Movement Phase, a unit may move throughhexes occupied by other friendly units, but a unit may not movethrough a hex occupied by an enemy unit.

Though it can enter ahex occupied by an enemy unit, it may not then leave that hex inthe same phase of that turn. Regardless of these conditions, nounit may end its movement in a hex if that movement would violatethe stacking limit. It is important to note that while only one BattleMech canoccupy a hex, it does not actually take up the entire hex. Simply put, a BattleMech tacticallycontrols the hex it occupies, but does not physically fill it. Infantry: Infantry mounted on a vehicle and battlearmoredtroops riding on a BattleMech do not count against this stackinglimit.

Buildings: These stacking rules do not apply to units in thesame building on different levels. Within a building, apply thesestacking limits to each level of the building. Apply these stacking limits toeach level of altitude within a hex. Submarines: These stacking limits do not apply to submarineunits occupying different depth levels in the water. Applythese stacking limits to each level of depth within a Water hex. ProtoMechs: A ProtoMech counts as a vehicle unit forstacking purposes.

Note that a ProtoMech cannot make anattack against a unit in the same hex it occupies. The mostcommon situation in which this will occur is when a unit movesinto a hex with a friendly unit that has terrain that requires aPiloting Skill Roll, and the player fails the roll. If the unit that fellcannot manage to stand up and move out of the hex, a DominoEffect fall will result. Units may skid when moving on pavement, and roads may allowpassage through prohibited or difficult terrain.

Ground vehiclesmoving on pavement may be entitled to extra movement. Roads: A road is simply a narrow strip of pavement thatpasses through terrain of some other type. A unit is considered to be traveling on a road if it movesfrom one hex to the next on that road. Units may move throughprohibited terrain while traveling on a road, but they must beginand end their movement through such terrain on the road andremain on that road while traveling through the terrain.

A unit Ground Vehicles: Ground vehicles may receive a movementbonus of 1 additional MP for moving on pavement. To gain theextra MP, the unit must begin its turn on a Paved hex and continueto travel on pavement for the entire Movement Phase. Bridges can be attacked like buildings. If the type of a bridge is not marked or defined by the scenariobeing played, assume it is a Medium Bridge with CF If the total tonnage ofunits in a Bridge hex exceeds the current CF of the bridge, thebridge collapses, and units on the bridgemust take normal falling damage from thecollapse of the bridge.

There isa chance a unit will skid if it is running,makes one or more facing changes in apaved hex, and then intends to continuemoving in that phase. Before the unit actuallycontinues moving, the player must make a Piloting Skill Rollto see if the unit skids. The player must make a Piloting Skill Roll p. If the result is less than themodified Piloting Skill target number, the BattleMech falls, sufferingnormal falling damage, and goes into a skid.

A unit skids for a number of hexes equal to the number ofhexes it has moved in the turn so far divided by 2 round up ,continuing in the direction it was traveling before making the facingchange that caused it to skid. For every hex that a BattleMech skids, it suffers damage equalto one-half its normal falling damage, rounded up see Falling, p.

No damage occurs unless the vehicle hits something. CollisionsIf an obstacle a unit, or terrain or building that is higher thanthe terrain the skidding unit currently occupies lies in the path ofthe skid, there is a chance the skidding unit will crash into it. In the case of hill terrain, the skidding unit automaticallycrashes into it with no resulting damage and simply stops.

Skidding units automatically crash into buildings, whichtake damage as if the skidding unit had executed a successfulcharge attack see Charge Attacks, p. A skidding unit mustmake a successful charge attack, with all the standard modifiers,against any unit s in the path of its skid; if it is successful,the skidding unit applies damage as against buildings.

Thecrash if successful against a unit is resolved immediatelyand, unlike normal charge attacks, can affect a unit that hasnot yet moved. Use the distance the unit moved before the skidto calculate damage. After the charge is resolved, the skid continuesif the target unit or building was destroyed by thecharge.

Avoiding a Collision: A unit that hasPiloting Skillnot yet moved during the current MovementModifierPhase can attempt to get out of the way ofan oncoming skidding unit that has made asuccessful charge attack to-hit roll againstit. In order to get out of the way, the unitmust make a successful Piloting Skill Rollimmediately before the skidding unit entersits hex.

Success indicates the unit maymake its entire movement immediately,before the skidding unit stops. Failure does not cause the unit tofall, but it remains in the hex where it was. Units moved in this wayhave expended their movement and may not move again later inthe Movement Phase. Infantry: Because they have no Piloting Skill, infantry unitsthat have not yet moved can automatically move out of the way ofa skidding unit.

To spend the required 8 MP, this BattleMechmust run. It runs to Hex C and makes a facing changetoward Hex D. No Piloting Skill Roll is required. However,when the BattleMech declares a move into Hex D, stillrunning, the player must make a Piloting Skill Roll beforeentering the hex because the BattleMech will be runningafter making a facing change.

The player needs to roll a 4 or higher toavoid skidding. The player rolls a 10, and theBattleMech continues to run toward Hex G. The playerrolls a 4, which means the pilot failed tomaintain control of the BattleMech, and hisBattleMech skids down the E—K hex row.

Vehicles: Vehicle crews make Piloting Skill Rolls only toavoid skids and to avoid taking damage when entering buildings. They cannot fall down, drop prone or skid. The resulting number is the Modified Piloting Skill. To make the Piloting Skill Roll, the player rolls 2D6. Movement Phase: Piloting Skill Rolls required because ofmovement entering water, trying to stand up, entering rubble,avoiding falling damage, and so on must be made immediatelyfollowing the action.

For example, if aBattleMech is moving through 3 hexes of Depth 1 water, theplayer must make a Piloting Skill Roll when theBattleMech enters each of the three Water hexes. If the BattleMech falls during the MovementPhase and has at least 2 MP remaining, itmay attempt to regain its feet that turn. All weaponsattacks are resolved before the players makeany required Piloting Skill Rolls.

Resolve all physical attacks before making anyPiloting Skill Rolls. The playermakes one Piloting Skill Roll for taking 20 or morepoints of damage, and two more for losing 2 leg actuators. During the Physical Attack Phase, the sameBattleMech is kicked in the leg by two otherBattleMechs, in the process losing another actuatorand taking 23 more points of damage.

The player mustmake four more Piloting Skill Rolls: two for beingkicked twice, one for losing a leg actuator, and one forthe 23 points of damage. The amount of dam Does notresult in a fall if Piloting Skill Roll fails. See Buildings, p. Determining Location After a FallTo determine the location of a BattleMech after a fall, theplayers must use their judgment and the following guidelines tocreate a reasonable outcome.

Location after a fall should bedetermined by the action that created the fall. In general, when a BattleMech falls while moving from oneelevation to another, the BattleMech will fall into the lower ofthe two hexes. If the fall occurs during the Movement Phase onlevel ground, the BattleMech falls in the hex it was entering.

If afall occurs because of weapons fire, a physical attack, or anyother reason related to combat, the BattleMech falls in the hexit currently occupies. To find the number of levels the BattleMech fell, subtractthe elevation level of the hex into which the BattleMech fell fromthe elevation level of the hex from which it fell.

If the BattleMech fell froma hex 2 or more elevation levels above the landing hex, use theAccidental Falls from Above rules, p. If the BattleMech fellfrom a hex only 1 or 0 levels higher, use the Domino Effect rules,p. This facing change determines the BattleMech HitLocation Table used when assigning damage from the fall. A fallen BattleMech lies prone and face down. BattleMechsthat fall on their sides or back automatically roll over to lie ontheir fronts after taking damage.

The BattleMech is now facing 2 hexsidesto the right clockwise of its original facing andtakes the damage from the fall on its right side. It isnow prone and face down in the Rubble hex. Falling Damage to a BattleMechA BattleMech always takes damage from a fall equal to 1point for every 10 tons that the BattleMech weighs rounding up times the number of levels plus 1 that the BattleMech fell.

If itfell into a Water hex, treat the Water hex as a Depth 0 hex andapply only half the resulting damage rounding up. Divide the damage into clusters of 5 points each: in otherwords, form as many 5-point groups as possible, assigning anyremaining points to one smaller group, and determine a hit locationfor each cluster. For example, a BattleMech that suffers 33points of falling damage takes six clusters of 5-point hits andone 3-point hit.

To determine the location of the damage, usethe appropriate column of the BattleMech Hit Location Table, p. If the fall occurs during the Movement Phase, resolve thedamage as it happens. A Grasshopper in a Level 1 hex attempts to standduring the Movement Phase. The BattleMech fell from a Level 1 to a Level1 hex the same one and so fell 0 levels. It takes the fallingdamage on its front. These 7 pointsare divided into one cluster of 5 and one of 2. If the die rollresult is equal to or greater than this modified Piloting Skill targetnumber, then the MechWarrior avoided taking any damage.

If the die roll result is less, the MechWarrior takes 1 point ofdamage. Pilots that are unconscious at the time of the fallautomatically take 1 point of damage. BattleTech units use two forms of combat:weapon attacks and physical attacks. Units make weaponattacks using armaments such as missiles, lasers and autocannons. For physical attacks, the BattleMechs use their own massiveweight to inflict damage on targets.

In BattleTech , both weapon and physical attacks first inflictdamage on the outer armor that protects every BattleMech andvehicle. Most infantry units have no armor, so successful attacksagainst infantry reduce the number of troopers in the platoonrather than destroying Armor Points. Battle armor units absorbdamage with Armor Points in the same way as vehicles, and anattacker may need to make multiple hits to destroy them. Special combat rules for ProtoMechs, vehicles and infantryappear on pages 54, 58 and 62, respectively.

Unless specificallystated otherwise by those rules, the following rules applyequally to ProtoMechs, vehicles and infantry. Only those weapon attacksthat were declared during weapon attack declaration areresolved in the Weapon Attack Phase. Likewise, only those physicalattacks declared during physical attack declaration areresolved in the Physical Attack Phase. All attacks that aredeclared must be resolved, even if the intended target isdestroyed before all attacks against it have been made thoughan attack may be aborted if the Modified To-Hit Number isgreater than 12; see Modified To-Hit Number, p.

Likewise,attacks that were not declared cannot be made, even if theopportunity presents itself during the course of play. This twist or rotationlasts for the remainder of the turn, affecting firing arcs for boththe Weapon Attack and Physical Attack Phases. The torso or turretreturns to its forward position in the End Phase. BattleMechs: A BattleMech can twist its torso one hexside 60 degrees to the left or right of the direction in which its feetare pointing.

Vehicles: Vehicles with turrets may align the turrets to anyhexside. Any hexes that this line passes through are alongthe LOS, even if the line barely crosses a hex. If the LOS passesexactly between two hexes, it is up to the player of the targetedunit to decide which of the two hexes the LOS passes through. The hexes containing the attacking and target units are notconsidered in determining LOS, and they never intervene orinterfere with LOS in any way however, see Water Hexes, p.

However, if a unit is underwater and a unit in anadjacent hex is not, see Underwater Operations, p. Hexes with elevationshigher than 0 are also referred to as hills. Hexes with elevationslower than 0 are also referred to as sinkholes.

All affectLOS in the same way. Hexes whose elevation cannot be determinedshould be assumed to be Level 0. Woods: Woods rise 2 levels above the elevation of the hexthey are in. Units occupying Woods hexes are standing on theunderlying terrain, not on top of the trees see VTOL Movementfor an exception, p.

Buildings: Buildings rise above the hex they occupy for anumber of levels equal to the level listed for the building. Water: Water hexes descend to a specific Depth levelbelow their surface; the surface of the water is actually at thesame level as the surrounding terrain.

The Depth is the level ofthe bottom of the body of water, not its surface. This meansthat water intervenes for purposes of line of sight as if it is atLevel 0, while a BattleMech in the water stands on the bottom,at the Depth level of the hex. ProneBattleMechs have the same elevation as the hex they are in, asdo other types of ground units.

VTOLs add their altitude in levelsto the elevation, while submerged submarines subtract theirdepth from the surface elevation of the water normally Level 0. ProtoMechs: Treat ProtoMechs like vehicles for purposesof determining line of sight. Unlike BattleMechs, they do not rise1 level above the terrain. The terrainof the hexes along the LOS between the attacker and target mayor may not intervene in LOS, depending on its elevation relative Likewise, features of the terrain inthe hexes along the LOS between the attacker and target buildings,water, woods, and so on may or may not actually intervenein LOS, depending on their elevation relative to the attackerand target.

Only features of the terrain that have elevations,such as trees and buildings, can actually intervene in LOS. Forexample, rubble would not be intervening, though the hex containingthe rubble might be. Use the following guidelines to determine if terrain isintervening.

Hills: Intervening elevation levels hills block LOS. Buildings: Intervening buildings block LOS. Water: Intervening water blocks LOS unless both theattacker and target are completely submerged and no other terrainintervenes. See also Water Hexes, p. Units: Intervening units have no effect on LOS or attacks. Level 2Level 1Level 1Level 1This diagram illustrates some of the principlesgoverning line of sight.

The BattleMech in Hex A wantsto make an attack this turn. The targetplayer chooses for the LOS to be affected by the lightwoods. This choice does not block LOS, however,because the heavy woods in the target hex are notintervening, and therefore have no effect on LOS. None of the woodsbetween the units in Hexes A and F are higher thanboth units.

You can use the diagram to practice finding LOSwith the other units. Try to determine how many targetseach unit can see, and compare your results to the correctresults that follow: Hex B has 6 targets, Hex C has5 targets, Hex D has 5 targets, Hex E has 6 targets,Hex F has 6 targets, and Hex G has 4 targets.

To receive partial cover, a BattleMech must be adjacentto a hex of equal elevation to itself, and that hex must liebetween it and the attacking unit. An adjacent hex of Level 1 terrain lying between the attackerand the target would provide partial cover.

In addition, the firingunit must also have an elevation level equal to or lower thanthe defending unit in order for the target to receive partial cover. The intervening elevation can be a hill, building, or combinationof both. A BattleMech does not receive partial cover fromwoods.

See To-Hit Modifiers, p. ProtoMechs: Because they are only the height of vehicles,ProtoMechs can never benefit from partial cover. Vehicles: Hovercraft moving over water and surface navalvessels are at Level 0. Submarines can be at any level on orunder the water see Underwater Operations, p. Other typesof vehicles cannot enter Water hexes. Underwater Attacks: There are special-case rules thatapply to attacks that travel through water. See UnderwaterOperations, p.

The diagram at right illustrates someexamples of partial cover. Depth 1Level 1wish, within the restrictions described below. Unless otherwisestated in the rules, each weapon may be fired only once per turn. Note that the rules for weapon attacks provide generalrules for firing arcs, inflicting damage, and critical hits.

Theserules also apply to physical attacks p. Weapons that require ammunition indicatethe number of shots available for that weapon in the Ammocolumn of the Weapons and Equipment Tables p. For example, anLRM with one ton of ammo has six shots, so theweapon can be fired six times, each shot launchingtwenty missiles. Every time one of theseweapons is fired, a shot of ammo isexpended. The record sheet for each unit indicatesthe available number of shots forLevel 2Level 3each weapon in the Weapons Inventory.

The player should keep a tally of shots firedusing the Critical Hit Table, making a hash mark when the attack is declared next to the appropriateammo slot every time he fires the correspond-Level 2ing weapon. When the number of marks equals theamount of ammo carried in that slot, that bin isempty. If no other bins in the BattleMech carry that type ofammo, the weapon is out of ammunition and cannot be firedfor the rest of the game.

Each weapon can draw ammo from anyammo bin that carries the exact same type of ammunition. Theammo need not be carried in the same location as the weapon. Infantry: Infantry units do not need to keep track of ammunition,with the exception of certain battle armor missile attacks see Battle Armor Attacks, p.

For one unitto fire at another, the attacking unit must have a clear line ofsight to the target, and the target must be within the range andfiring arc of the weapons the attacking player wishes to use. Theattacking player then calculates the likelihood of a shot hittingthe target based on the range to the target, movement of thetarget and attacker, intervening terrain, and other factors. There arefour firing arcs: the forward arc, left side arc, right side arc, andrear arc.

The following diagrams illustrate the boundaries foreach arc. To determine the exact boundaries of the forward, leftside and right side firing arcs, draw straight lines from the firingunit through Hexes A and B, as shown in the appropriate diagram. The firing arc includes the hexes between the two lines,as well as the hexes through which these lines pass. Note that the following firing arcs extend from the firingunit to the edge of the playing area.

The maximum ranges for Infantry: Infantry do not have firing arc restrictions. ProtoMechs: ProtoMechs use the firing arcs forBattleMechs and can twist their torsos according to the standardrules. If the ProtoMech is carrying a main gun, that weaponcan be fired at targets in the forward, right side, and left side firingarcs, and is rotated if the torso is twisted, giving it a potentialdegree field of fire.

Armmountedweapons mayfire into the forward arc plus theappropriate side arc. Vehicles: Weapons mounted on the front location of vehiclesmay only fire into the front arc. Weapons mounted in theturret can also fire into the forward arc, though this firing arccan be rotated as described in Rotating the Firing Arcs. Vehicles: Weaponsmounted on the right side ofvehicles may only fire at targets in theright side arc. Vehicles: Weaponsmounted on the left sideof vehicles may only fire at targetsin the left side arc.

Weapons may also berear-mounted on thehead and legs. The rear firing arc includes the hexesbetween the two lines, as well as the hexes through which theselines pass. Vehicles: Weapons mounted on the rear of vehicles mayonly fire at targets in the rear arc.

This means that a BattleMech canmove in one direction while firing in another. Treat turret arcs as the forward arc, exceptthat they are defined by the hexside at which the turret is currentlypointing, not the hexside toward which the vehicle is facing. The player counts the range in hexes to For each weapon he will fire, the player determines if the shot ismore or less difficult than normal by factoring in terrain, movement,and other conditions. These factors will add modifiers tothe base to-hit number to create a modified to-hit number.

Themore difficult the shot is because of distance, concealment byterrain, or movement, the higher the modified to-hit number. Theplayer then rolls 2D6 to see if the attack hits the target. If theresult is equal to or greater than the modified to-hit number, theattack hits its target. If the fired weapon requires ammunition,the player marks off one shot of ammunition.

Each weapon may be fired only once per turn. A unit cannot make a weapon attack against another unitoccupying the same hex as the attacker. See Infantry forexceptions. If the modifiedto-hit number is greater than 12, the shot automatically misses. He maynot switch his attack to another target. All modifiersare cumulative. Range ModifierThe farther away the target is from the firing unit, the more difficultit will be to hit. The range modifier for an attack is determinedby the range to the target, which is the distance between theattacking unit and its target.

This totalnumber of hexes between attacker and target is the range. The ranges for all available weapons appear in the Weaponsand Equipment Tables, beginning on p. A shot at short range requiresno to-hit modifier. Minimum Range ModifierSome weapons, such as particle projector cannons, autocannonsand long-range missiles LRMs , are designed to befired at long-range targets.

When fired at close-range targets,they lose much of their effectiveness. The minimum effectiverange of each available weapon, the range at which the weaponbecomes less effective than normal, appears in the Weaponsand Equipment Tables, p. This represents the fact that it is harder to hit targets with someweapons at very close ranges than at maximum range. A particle projector cannon PPC has a minimumeffective range of 3 hexes. The diagram below shows thebase to-hit numbers for a PPC as modified for rangeand minimum range, assuming a Gunnery Skill of 4.

The attacker movement modifier is based onthe movement mode the attacking unit used in the turn, regardlessof the actual MP expended or distance moved. Infantry: Infantry is not subject to a movement modifier forattacking. The target movementmodifiers are based on the hexes traversed rather than thenumber of Movement Points spent. If the target moved bothbackward and forward in the turn, base the movement modifieron the number of hexes moved from the hex in which the unit The range to the target is 4 hexes, which is short rangefor that weapon, but the LRMs have a minimum rangeof 6.

The Atlas did not move, so noattacker movement modifier is applied. The JagerMechspent 5 MP running, but only traveled 2 hexes, sothere is also no target movement modifier applied. For example, if the target movedbackward 3 hexes and then forward 2 hexes, the target movementmodifier would be based only on the final 2 hexes ofmovement, resulting in a Target Movement Modifier of 0.

Notethat if the target jumped in the current turn, the player must adda jump modifier in addition to the modifier for the number ofhexes moved. The diagram above illustrates the modifiers to theto-hit number that we have discussed so far. Though it expended 7 MP inthe move, it actually traveled 5 hexes as shown. It spent a total of 5MP but only traveled 2 hexes. Finally, the Atlas did notmove, and remained standing in Hex E. The Jenner is firing four medium lasers at theAtlas.

The target didnot move. Terrain ModifiersTerrain can affect the probability of a successful shot byforcing the attacker to account for intervening land features andpartial cover. Specific terrain modifiers appear below. The woods must be intervening as defined in Line ofSight, p.

If the treetops lie below the LOS between theunits, do not apply this modifier. The woods must be intervening asdefined in Line of Sight, p. Note that if more than 1 HeavyWoods hex intervenes between the attacker and the target, LOSis blocked.

Water: Units in Water hexes find movement difficult, whichlimits their ability to avoid incoming attacks and launch effectiveattacks of their own. Modify the to-hit number by —1 if the target occupies a Waterhex of Depth 1 or deeper. Water of Depth 0 has no effect on the to-hit number. A BattleMech standing in a Depth 2 or deeper Water hex,or lying prone in a Depth 1 or deeper Water hex, cannot fire onor be fired on by other units. See Underwater Operations, p.

Hovercraft moving over water are considered to be at Depth0 regardless of the actual depth of the Water hex they occupy. Partial Cover: Partial cover only applies to standingBattleMechs. Multiple Targets ModifierA player may declare that his BattleMech or vehicle willengage more than one target in a turn and allocate differentweapon systems to fire at different targets. The player designates one of the targets as the primary target. If theattacker is declaring attacks only against targets in the side andrear arcs, any target may be chosen as the primary target.

Theremaining targets are considered secondary targets, and theplayer must add a multiple targets modifier to the to-hit numbersfor those attacks. Physical Attacks: This multiple targets modifier does notapply to physical attacks in any way.

Infantry: Infantry may only engage one target per turn. Heat and Damage ModifiersThe attacking BattleMech may be forced to modify its baseto-hit number for current combat damage and heat buildup. Modifiers for these conditions are discussed in BattleMechCritical Hits, p. The Heat Scalesection of the record sheets summarizes the modifiers for theeffects of heat buildup.

Firing at Immobile TargetsIf a unit chooses to fire at an immobile target such as a building,a wooded hex, or a unit that is shut down or whose crew isunconscious, add a —4 modifier to the to-hit number. Such units are still assumed to be moving within theirhex and must be fired upon as for a normal target.

Aimed Shots: Attacks against immobile targets may beaimed at specific hit locations. For rules regarding this kind ofattack, see p. Firing When DownA BattleMech that has fallen or dropped to the ground mayfire some of its weapons as long as neither of its arms hasbeen destroyed. The pilot uses one arm to support theBattleMech as it fires, so the weapons on that arm cannot fire. The pilot may fire all the weapons mounted on the other arm,and the BattleMech may fire any weapons mounted in its heador torso.

A prone BattleMech may not fire its leg-mountedweapons. Attacking Prone TargetsA BattleMech that has fallen or is prone makes an easiertarget for an opponent in an adjacent hex and a more difficulttarget at longer ranges. Apply a —2 modifier to the to-hit numberof any physical or weapon attack made against a proneBattleMech from an adjacent hex. If the result is equal to or greater than the modified to-hitnumber, the attack succeeds. Missile HitsWhen a player launches a missile attack, the damageinflicted by a hit a successful attack depends on how many ofthe fired missiles actually reached the target.

To make a missile attack, the player calculates the modifiedto-hit number and makes the to-hit roll, just as for otherweapons. On a successful attack, the player must also determinehow many of the missiles hit the target by rolling 2D6 andconsulting the Missile Hits Table. First, find the number of missiles fired on the top row of thetable. Cross-refer this number to the die-roll result in the left column.

The result is the number of missiles that actually hit thetarget. Note that some advanced weapon systems modify thisroll to reflect their greater accuracy. See Equipment, p. An Atlas fires its pack long-range missilelauncher and hits its target.

The attack is successful,and the attacking player must now determine howmany of his 20 missiles hit the target. He rolls 2D6with a result of 8. He finds that number in the left-handcolumn of the Missile Hits Table, then reads acrossthe row to the 20 missiles column, which shows that12 of his missiles reached their target. Torso C. Torso R. Torso Right Torso8 C. Torso Left Torso C. Apply damage tothe armor in that section in the normal manner, but theattacking player also rolls once on the DeterminingCritical Hits Table, p.

Hit location isdetermined by the direction of the attack and the facing of thetarget. FrontAttack DirectionWhen an attack hits a FrontBattleMech or vehicle, it hitsfrom either the front, rear, left,or right side of the target.

Compare the hexsideRearFrontRightSidecrossed by the straightedge to the diagram above to find theside of the unit hit by the fire. If the straightedge crosses exactlyat the intersection of two sides, the target chooses which sideis hit by the attack.

If the target BattleMech is prone, usethe hexside toward which its head is pointing as its facing. Vehicles: The side on which a vehicle is hit is based on thealignment of its front side. Infantry and Buildings: Hits on infantry and buildings do notrely on the direction of the attack. Players who make a successfulattack against these targets need not determine attack directionor hit location.

Detailed explanations for assigning damageto infantry and buildings appear in their respective sections. Group the missiles that hit into clustersof 5; in other words, form as many 5-point groups as possible,assigning any remaining points to one smaller group, anddetermine a hit location for each cluster.

The Atlas from the previous example hits its targetwith an LRM 20 and inflicts 12 points of damage. Because the attack is an LRM attack, thedamage is divided into 5-point groups. In this case, theattack hits in two groups of 5 points of damage, plusone group of 2 points of damage. The attacking playerrolls to determine hit location for each of the threegroups, with results of 8, 4, and Aimed ShotsPlayers may make aimed shots against BattleMechs thatare shut down or whose pilots are unconscious, using anyweapons other than missile launchers and LB-X autocannon firingcluster munitions.

Against any hitlocation except the head, the player makes the to-hit roll usingthe standard —4 to-hit modifier for firing at an immobile target. If the attack is successful, the player rolls again: on aresult of 6, 7, or 8, his shot hits the designated location. This roll may still result in the attack strikingthe desired location. If the shot hits, the player rolls 2D6.

On a resultof 6, 7, or 8, the shot hits the head. Physical Attacks: The Aimed Shots rule does not apply forphysical attacks. Every weapon does a specific amount of damage,which appears on the appropriate Weapons and EquipmentTable, beginning on p. Each missile type does the same amount of damage at anyrange, but the number of missiles that hit determines how much Long-range and medium-rangemissiles have a Damage Value of 1, and short-range missileshave a Damage Value of 2 for each missile that hits its target.

See ProtoMechs, p. Vehicles: Hits against vehicles follow the same general procedureas hits against BattleMechs, though they cannot survivethe destruction of a location and damage does not transfer. SeeVehicles, p. Infantry and Buildings: Hits against infantry and buildingsare recorded differently from hits on BattleMechs and vehicles.

See Infantry, p. The corresponding leg isnot damaged. If the center torso is destroyed, the entire unit isdestroyed see Destroying a Unit, p. Answer each question with yes or no, and followthe instructions. Is there armor in the location? Yes: Check off one armor box on the Armor Diagram in theappropriate location for every point of damage taken, until alldamage is applied or all armor in the location is destroyed. Goto Step 2. No: Proceed to Step 3.

Is there damage remaining? Yes: Go to Step 3 to allocate remaining damage. No: Attack is finished. Is there internal structure in the location? Yes: Check off one internal structure box on the InternalStructure Diagram in the appropriate location for every point ofdamage taken, until all damage is applied or all internal structurein location is destroyed. Go to Step 4. No: Proceed to Step 6. At the beginning of the current phase, were there any componentsin the location that could sustain a critical hit?

Apply the effects of any critical hits to the location. Excess criticalhits that cannot be applied are not transferred. Go to Step5. Anycritical hits are applied to the next location inward see DamageTransfer Diagram. Go to Step 5. Is there internal structure remaining in the location? Yes: Attack is finished. No: The location and all components contained in it aredestroyed. The destruction of components in this fashion willnot cause ammunition or other component explosions, but otherwiseall components in the location are affected as thoughthey were critically hit.

Go to Step 6. Yes: Go to Step 7 to allocate remaining damage. Was the damage resulting from an ammunition or otherinternal component explosion? Yes: Go to Step 8. No: Damage transfers to the armor of the next locationinward see Damage Transfer Diagram. Go to Step 1. Is the location protected by CASE? Yes: The remaining damage is lost. The attack is thenfinished. No: The remaining damage transfers to the next locationinward see Damage TransferDiagram , directly to the internalstructure.

Go to Step 3. If a sectionis destroyed and the samelocation takes another hit, orexcess damage remains fromthe shot that destroyed thelocation, that damage transfersto affects the outerarmor of the next locationDamageTransferDiagram Excess ammunition explosion damage is transferreddirectly to the internal structure of the next location inward. Thisprinciple is illustrated on the Damage Transfer Diagram at left. Damage to a missing arm or leg transfers to the torso onthe same side left leg or arm damage is transferred to the lefttorso, right arm or leg damage is transferred to the right torso.

Additional damage to a destroyed side torso location transfersto the center torso. Damage from a destroyed head or centertorso does not transfer. Damage from the rear firing arc that hits a missing limb istransferred to the appropriate rear torso location. For example,damage from the rear that hits a missing left leg would be transferredinto the left rear torso.

Before this turn, the BattleMech still had its fullArmor Value of 22 in that arm. The laser hit does 8 points of damage,and so 8 more boxes are filled in, leaving 4boxes. The last group of missiles reduces theinternal structure by another 5 points. Five more boxesare filled in on the Internal Structure Diagram, leaving5.

To determine whether a unit takes critical damage from anattack that damages the internal structure, the attacking playerrolls 2D6 and consults the Determining Critical Hits Table. On aresult of 8 or higher, the target unit takes critical damage. Thehigher the result, the more serious the damage. Each successful attack that damages internal structure createsonly one opportunity for the attacker to inflict a critical hit,regardless of the number of internal structure boxes that a singleweapon or other attack destroyed see Hit Location CriticalHits for an exception.

The attacking player rolls 2D6 only oncefor each potential critical hit. The location of the damage determines the exact nature ofthe critical hit. Further, every type ofBattleMech can suffer different critical hits, depending on thearray of weapons and other equipment it carries. The Critical Hit Tables for the various types ofvehicles appear in Vehicles, p.

Hit Location Critical Hits: Certain results on the hit locationtables provide the chance for a critical hit, even if the internalstructure was not damaged by the attack. These areresolved by rolling on the Determining Critical Hits Table just asfor other checks for critical hits.

This chance is in addition to thenormal roll for a critical hit provided by damaging the internalstructure. For example, a hit location result of 2 against aBattleMech with no torso armor left would provide two rolls onthe Determining Critical Hits Table. If the criticallocation rolled cannot take a critical hit or has already beendestroyed by a critical hit, roll the die again.

Torso or Arm Hits: If the critical hit strikes the torso orarms of the BattleMech, the player rolls both dice. The result ofthe first die tells which half of the Critical Hit Table for that locationis affected, and the result of the second die identifies thelocation hit.

The Critical Hit Table for these locations is dividedinto two sets of 6 critical slots, labeled 1—3 and 4—6. The result of the first die identifies which set of slots takesthe hit. On a result of 1, 2, or 3, the shot hits a location in thefirst set of critical slots. On a result of 4, 5, or 6, the attack hitsa location in the second set of critical slots.

The result of thesecond die roll identifies the critical slot that takes the hit. A Grasshopper takes a critical hit to the left arm. The defending player rolls the first die with a result of3. This means the critical hit will affect a slot in thefirst half of the Critical Hit Table for the left arm labeled 1—3. Each weapon and other piece of equipment fills at leastone slot on the Critical Hit Table.

If the player rolls damage for aslot for which there is no component; a slot that cannot takecritical damage such as endo steel, CASE, or ferro-fibrous; or aslot that has already taken a critical hit, he rolls both dice again. Note that some weapons, double heat sinks and otherequipment take up multiple slots on the Critical Hit Table. A singlecritical hit disables any weapon or equipment except theengine, gyro, and sensors. A heat sink critical hit destroys onlythe specific heat sink hit. Critical hits on additional slots occupiedby the weapon, double heat sink, and so on only increasethe difficulty of repairing the damaged equipment see Repairsand Replacements, p.

Transferring Criticals: If all of the possible slots in thedamaged area took critical hits in previous phases, or if therewere no items that could be affected by critical hits in the locationin the first place, the critical hit transfers to the next locationper the Damage Transfer Diagram. Critical hits to the centertorso and head do not transfer. AmmunitionIf a critical hit destroys a slot carrying ammunition, theammo there explodes. The MechWarrior automatically takes 2Damage Points as a result of the feedback received through hisneurohelmet.

In addition, the BattleMech takes damage to itsinternal structure. Calculate the total Damage Value of all ammo carried in theslot and apply that total to the Internal Structure Diagram ammunition explosion damage starts the Damage Resolutionprocess at Step 3, as described on page If the location isnot protected by CASE, any excess damage transfers to theinternal structure of the next location.

For locations protected byCASE, vent any remaining damage without further harm. SeeEquipment, p. A critical hit to an ammo slot only explodes the ammo inthat slot. Missile ammo explodes with aforce equal to the number of missiles remaining times theirDamage Value. For example, 1 full ton of machine gun ammoexplodes with a force of points of damage 2 x , while1 full ton of SRM-2 ammo explodes with a force of points ofdamage 2 x 2 x The arm may bepicked up and used as a club per the rules for Club Attacks, p.

Salvage: If the blown-off arm is recovered, the equipmentmounted in it, including armor and internal structure, is in thesame condition it was in at the time the limb was blown off. Cockpit Head A critical hit to the cockpit destroys that slot, kills theMechWarrior, and puts the BattleMech out of commission forthe game.

Engine Torso BattleMech engines have 3 points of shielding. Each criticalhit to an engine slot destroys 1 point of shielding. The second hit results in 10 total points of addedheat buildup per turn, and the third critical hit to an engine slotshuts down the engine and puts the BattleMech out of commissionfor the rest of the game. Though XL engines see p.

Foot Actuator Leg This critical hit destroys the muscle actuator in the foot. These effects are cumulative with other leg and foot actuatordamage. It keeps the BattleMech upright and able to move. The gyro can survive only 1 critical hit; the second destroys it. Make this roll at the end of eachsuch move. BattleMechs with a destroyed gyro may make weapons attacksper Firing When Down, p.

ABattleMech with a destroyed gyro is not considered immobile. This effect is cumulative with the effects ofdestroyed arm actuators. Salvage: Unlike other Limb Blown Off results, this criticalhit destroys all slots in the head, leaving nothing for salvage. For example,if a BattleMech is designed to dissipate 16 points of heat perturn and 3 of its heat sinks have been destroyed, it can nowonly dissipate 13 points of heat per turn.

A double heat sink takes up more than one slot on theCritical Hit Table but is destroyed by a single critical hit. Additional critical hits to a multi-slot heat sink produce no furthereffects. Hip Leg A hip critical hit freezes the affected leg in a straight position. After a hip critical hit, ignore all modifiers from previous criticalhits on that leg. Sincethe leg becomes locked in a straight position, it serves as a sortof crutch, making movement easier in some cases than movingon a number of free-flexing damaged actuators.

This decreases the distance theBattleMech can jump. See Leg Destruction, p. The legmay be picked up and used as a club per the rules for ClubAttacks, p. Salvage: If the blown-off leg is recovered, the equipmentmounted in it, including armor and internal structure, is in thesame condition it was in at the time the limb was blown off.

Any critical hit knocks this system out permanently andleaves the pilot vulnerable to increased heat. Damage from punches with this arm is halved round down. These effects are cumulative with other arm and hand actuatordamage. Missing Actuators: Some BattleMechs are designed withoutone or both lower arm actuators.

Lower Leg Actuator Leg This critical hit destroys the muscle actuator in the lowerleg. A second sensor hit makes it impossible for theBattleMech to fire any of its weapons. Critical hits to sensors donot affect physical attacks. Shoulder Arm A critical hit to this location freezes the shoulder joint. After a shoulder criticalhit, ignore all other weapons fire modifiers from critical hitsto that arm. Upper Leg Actuator Leg This critical hit destroys the muscle actuator in the upperleg.

Weapons and EquipmentWeapon systems are surprisingly delicate, and so a singlecritical hit disables a weapon or other internal component. Though some weapon systems occupy more than one slot onthe Critical Hit Table, the first critical hit knocks out the weapon. Additional critical hits to a multislot weapon have no furthereffect, other than to make the equipment more difficult torepair. For example, a particle projector cannon fills 3 criticalslots. However, the PPC is disabled as soon as one of its threecritical slots takes a hit.

Explosive Components: Certain non-ammo componentssuch as Gauss rifles can explode when they suffer critical hits. The specific rules for the equipment will state if this is the case,and how much damage is inflicted see Equipment, p. These explosions are handled in exactly the same way asammunition explosions. Destroyed unitsare removed from the map in the end of the phase in which theywere destroyed, and have no further effect on game play.

Note that the destruction of the head, cockpit, or center torsohas the same effects and renders a BattleMech destroyed. Notethat the destruction of the center torso has the same effect. Trooper Survival: Each trooper checked off as damage is notnecessarily killed, but is wounded enough to be out of action.

Each type of physical attack has a unique base to-hit number not based on Gunnery or Piloting Skill , but is otherwise To-hit modifiersfor physical attacks are shown on the Attack ModifiersTable on page The rules for physical attacks assume both the attackerand target are BattleMechs standing at the same elevationlevel. In other words, if both arm actuators aremissing, reduce the damage to one-quarter of its original value round fractions down.

Missing Actuators: A BattleMech does not need hands orhand actuators to punch. For example, BattleMechs may not punch and kick inthe same turn. Vehicles: The only kind of physical attack a vehicle canmake is a Charge ram. Infantry: Infantry units cannot make physical attacks. It can either deliver a punch using its arm or fire theweapons on that arm, but it may not do both. Weapons mountedin the torso, legs, or head may be fired in the same turn as apunch attack is made without affecting the punch.

If the target isin the right or left arc, then only the right or left arm, respectively,may punch. If the target is in the forward arc, then both armsmay be used in the punch attack. A BattleMech cannot make a punch attack using a shouldersuffering from critical damage, and any arm actuator damage onthe punching arm makes success more difficult and will reducethe damage inflicted.

The Base To-Hit Number for a punch is 4, plus modifiers p. The player makes separate to-hit rolls and inflicts separatedamage for each arm making a punching attack. The punch from each arm has a Damage Value of 1 forevery 10 tons or fraction of 10 tons that the attacker weighs. A Grasshopper with a damaged upper arm actuatorpunches a JagerMech on the right side with onefist.

TheGrasshopper weighs 70 tons, so its punch has a normalDamage Value of 7 70 divided by 10 , but this isreduced to 3 because of the damaged actuator. The target must be in the forward firing arc. The unit making the attack with a club makes a two-handedswing using a Base To-Hit Number of 4, plus modifiers p. Asuccessful attack with a club does 1 point of damage for every5 tons that the attacking BattleMech weighs. Missing Actuators: A BattleMech must have hands orhand actuators to use a club.

Likewise, BattleMechs that donot come equipped with lower arm actuators or whose lower or BattleMechs that later occupy that hex maypick up the arm or leg and use it as a giant club. A BattleMechmay not fire weapons or make physical attacks during the turnthat it picks up a club.

Other objects may also be used as clubs. If the BattleMechis in a wooded hex, it may uproot a tree and use it as a club. Uprooted trees may be used for only 1 successful club attack. Girders from rubbled Medium, Heavy, or Hardened Buildingsmay also be used as clubs. To search the rubble in the hex itoccupies for a suitable girder, the player must roll 2D6 duringthe Weapon Attack Phase of a turn.

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If you still don't like it, maybe the style less dmg, more atks just isn't your thing. Comment Post Cancel. Evilbitch6 commented. I like playing NS but she cant summon every pet in every round cause of cooldown.. User1 commented. I think if you meant in pvp Originally posted by Evilbitch6 View Post. NS is very safe NS is kind of like Warden in that she's meant to be played safe rather that fast with her pets.

Not much to her in terms of DPS, though, at least not until Skulljape-S, but at least she doesn't suffer from elemental resistance issues like Warden does. On the other hand, NS still is glitchy as all hell and some of her skills still don't work properly for me, namely the passives for pets and the perspective on Eshe Med fucking up every now and then, focusing on NS instead of Eshe Med.

It does seem to be affected by lag and she has it worse than Scout in that regard. Flicker Stance seems to be buggy for just about everybody, to my knowledge. It's freaking summons, for crying out loud NS can do well till lv 60 i would say without much trouble.. I wouldn't say it a weak class Previous Next. The new meta has begun to take shape in Dota now that we are several weeks removed from patch 7. With the DPC qualifiers in full swing, there is also a growing pool of data about what the pros are prioritizing.

In some ways, the meta is quite similar to patch 7. Here is what we have seen so far in the support pool of 7. Very few heroes received direct buffs in the last patch, and Riki was one of them. In a true assassin fashion, he slipped into the meta unnoticed and is now among the top tier picks across all skill brackets.

Today, we would like to have a look at why exactly the hero got so much better and discuss some common strategies for dealing with him. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reconnect with our goals for Dota 2. Whether it's achieving a new tier of play in ranked, finding the fun of the game again, or maybe finally learning how to micro well, Dota 2's depth means there's always something more for its players to reach toward. Most big tournaments were already over before the patch hit, but there are still some ongoing competitions we would like to quickly analyze.

After all, professional players are almost always a step or two ahead of everyone. It has been a couple of weeks since 7. While there were no earth shattering changes to the core game or even the carry-centric meta of Dota, quite a few heroes had their fortunes changed. The new patch was surprisingly tame when it comes to hero balance changes, but it is more than understandable.

New items are already doing a lot of work to shake up the meta and today we would like to concentrate on the most interesting and impactful items in the new patch. Sign in with Steam. Esports Clips NEW! Did you know you can sign in securely with Steam to access your personal Dota 2 profile? Meracle- Lost Match. AP Ranked DotaCapitalist Won Match. BurNIng Lost Match. WagaGaming Lost Match.

Iceberg Won Match. KheZu Lost Match. Treasure of the Crimson Witness Immortal Priceless Treasure. Trove Carafe Autographed by Vitalii 'v1lat' Volochai. Overbuff Fortbuff Valorbuff TrackDota. Copyright Elo Entertainment Inc.


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