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The Countries table contains the name of the country e. The ExchangeRates table contains exchange rates between two countries with the rate information and the date the rate was based on. The country information is stored in the ExchangeRates table as foreign keys in the Countries table. Figure 4. Cryptography, the act of making data unreadable to someone else, and then converting it back to something readable, is one of the most ancient arts in the world for keeping a secret.

Of course, ancient cryptographic methods can't compete with the modern equivalent, but the idea has been the same since those early times. One of the ways in which. NET has greatly improved the life of developers is by using cryptography to keep data safe. NET method is actually easy to understand and use.

Listing 9. The decryption portion is almost the same with a few minor differences. You'll find this example in the Chapter 09 Crypto folder on the CD. Like our first example, we've used un-encrypted passwords in both the database table and the XML document. If there is a risk of these being viewed by unauthorized personnel, you may prefer to encrypt the passwords.

One problem with this approach is if you need to provide passwords for users who forget them, as hashing can't be reversed to get the original value. Of course, if this feature isn't a requirement or if you'll just issue a new password then that problem goes away. With encrypted password hashes, the authentication process changes.

The steps you would take are Encrypt all the user passwords and replace the plain text ones in the database table and or XML document with the encrypted version. Compare the resulting hash with the encrypted password hash in your database or XML file. We'll use this technique in the next example. When you choose to encrypt a database, you are encrypting the entire content of the database file including the tables, data, and other database objects.

This means that even if the. This is an important aspect of mobile device programming the portable nature of the mobile device makes it easy for users to misplace their devices. If the database is left unencrypted, an unauthorized user could retrieve your data with relatively little effort.

The ICurrencyManagerProvider interface lets a container indicate whether it provides its own currency manager for any contained data collections. This interface is implemented by the BindingSource component, and you shouldn't have to implement it yourself. However, you may occasionally need to use this interface to access the Currency Manager for a container from a custom bound control.

The CurrencyManager property is the main thing you'll use to get a reference to the underlying currency manager to subscribe to change notifications on that currency manager. An example using this is shown in Chapter 8 on the FilteredGrid control. The GeTRelatedCurrencyManager method lets you specify a data member parameter, which lets you get a child collection's currency manager in a master-details data-binding scenario.

This function returns a numeric expression formatted as a currency value dollar amount using the currency symbol defined in Control Panel. All arguments are optional, except for the expression argument, which is the number to be formatted as currency. The default value is 1, which indicates that the computer's regional settings must be used. The useParensForNegativeNumbers argument is also a tristate constant that indicates whether to place negative values within parentheses. The last argument, groupDigits, is another tristate constant that indicates whether numbers are grouped using the group delimiter specified in the computer's regional settings.

With the. NET Framework, a vast number of cryptography protocols are presented for use in the form of classes. All these classes can be found in the System. Cryptography namespace. A plethora of crypto protocols are embedded in the. NET Framework, and an in-depth discussion of cryptography or a comparison of the various protocols is far beyond the scope of this book.

In this section, we will briefly discuss the difference between the two main types of cryptography asymmetric and symmetric and look at an example of encrypting and decrypting information using a symmetric crypto protocol. With classic ASP, encrypting and decrypting information was possible through plain, vanilla script, but was best handled by a third-party component such as ASPEncrypt see http www.

To learn more about cryptography with classic ASP, check out In general terms, a cryptography protocol can be thought of as a black box that accepts two inputs a textual input SDF file to be encrypted. When you enable encryption, you must also ensure that a valid Password has been specified.

The database will be encrypted using this password value. The Tcp channel uses a binary message format, which can provide your Remoting messages with some degree of security, but it is not capable of encrypting your messages with strong encryption algorithms. If your application design calls for remote object communications across an unsecured environment i.

Because the Http channel can work in concert with the Microsoft's IIS Web server , you can encrypt your Remoting messages the same way you can your Web page request and response calls. NET Framework provides a set of cryptographic objects that support well-known algorithms and their common uses, including hashing, encryption, and generating digital signatures.

These objects are designed to allow you to easily incorporate these basic capabilities into more complex operations, such as signing and encrypting a document. The System. Cryptography namespace in the. NET Framework provides several cryptographic services. The cryptographic algorithms supported include The following example shows a Cipher class that contains methods for file encryption and decryption.

The example uses the DES encryption algorithm. This algorithm uses a single key for encryption and decryption therefore, it belongs to the category of symmetric encryption algorithms. The Cipher class has a method named SetKey that specifies the key for the algorithm to use.

There is no subject about security that does not reference cryptography. Although it is an absolute necessity to create a secure environment, it is not the Holy Grail of security. This section highlights the cryptography features that come with the. NET Framework. An important addition in the design concept of the cryptography namespace is the use of CryptoStreams, which make it possible to chain together any cryptographic object that makes use of CryptoStreams.

This means that the output from one cryptographic object can be directly forwarded as the input of another cryptographic object without the need of storing the For security purposes, each PDF file is encrypted with a unique serial number associated with your correct Exams account information. In accordance with International Copyright Law, correctexams reserves the right to take legal action against you should we find copies of this PDF file has been distributed to other parties.

This chapter shows you how to leverage IIS's features when it comes to hosting your components in a secured environment. In this chapter, you learn how to enable basic HTTP sign-on and the more secure Windows-integrated authentication scheme, which is based on a challenge response protocol.

You also see how to enable encrypted access by using standard SSL certificates at the server side. NET Framework offers solutions to all these problems. First it provides a system of data types that can be marshaled between multiple. NET languages without any loss of fidelity. Developers using the.

NET Framework will no longer have to worry about what language might be consuming the class or component they're writing. Standard Windows PE files are divided into two major sections. In addition to the header section, the PE file holds a number of native image sections, including the. For example, you can create your own data section to hold encrypted data that only you can read.

Taking advantage of this ability, Microsoft has added a few new sections to the normal PE file specifically to support the CLR's functionality. The CLR understands and manages the new sections. For example, the CLR will read these sections and determine how to load classes and execute your code at runtime. To demonstrate some of the things you can do through binding events, the download code for this chapter contains a project named BindingEvents, which contains the currency exchange rate application shown in Figure 4.

To use this application, you first have to create a new database called MoneyDB. There is a script named MoneyDB. There is also an additional application called MoneyDBAdmin that you can use to edit, add, or delete data from the tables in this database. Add currency ToBinding You can see from theCreateBindings method that this subscribes to theFormat and Parse events on the binding object for each of the country name text boxes, and only the Format event for the currency type text boxes since they are read-only.

Because the country name, currency type, and flag are determined by the foreign key stored in the ExchangeRates table, the data-binding process effectively denormalizes the data back into a flat set of data for Let's look now at how to add a Unit Price column. Ideally, we would show the price as currency and we can do this by applying a format string to the column.

Insert 0 c in the Data formatting expression box. This isn't just an extravagant two-way smiley it also tells ASP. NET that this column is a currency, as explained later. Allowing the user to choose a culture is better than accepting the existing culture of the application. There's no need to prompt or store a currency symbol when all necessary currency symbols are stored in the. For more information, see the section Setting Culture Properties in this chapter. NET Compact Framework platform intrinsically handles all date, time, numbers, and string formatting whenever the mobile user changes the current culture of the device.

However, there might be cases when your code needs to know the current culture of the device. For example, currency conversion is something the platform does not do for you automatically. You might wish to find out what the default currency of the mobile device is set to and use that to automatically calculate and display its equivalent value in US dollars. The following code snippet allows you to retrieve the current culture of the mobile device. Using the Cultureinfo object, you can query a rich set of information about the language, date time format, numerical format, and currency of the mobile device.

If you read and understood the discussion of currency managers in the last chapter, you probably already understand the problem. If both sets of controls are bound to the same data source, there is one currency manager created for that data source, and there is only one current item evenn that currency manager.

Updating the current item in one of the sets of controls immediately updates the controls in the other set because they are bound to the same data source, and the currency manager for that data source keeps all controls bound to the data source synchronized to the current item. So to fix that problem you need to maintain two separate currency managers for the two sets of controls. You could get two separate copies of the data, and each would have its own currency manager as separate data sources.

However, a better approach is to have two separate country binding sources , each bound to the same underlying single Countries table in the data set. This does exactly what's needed This is because each binding source has its own currency manager under the covers, and they aren't hooked up in a way that lets the binding sources know they are supposed to stay synchronized. To fix this, you need to do a little more work when you hook up the data source in the user control.

Chapter 7 briefly covered thelCurrencyManagerProvider interface, which is implemented by objects that host their own currency manager, as is the case with a BindingSource component. To be notified when the currency manager's position in the form's binding source changes within the user control's binding source, you need to use the ICurrencyManagerProvider interface to detect when something will maintain its own currency manager, and Currency Format Label2.

Text Format , Currency Label4. Text Now. ToShortDateString Press F5 to build and run your application. Click each button to see a localized form. Note that the appropriate format for currency and the date is displayed in the localized form and that the new strings are loaded for the German form. RegionInfo contains information for a given region including DisplayName, currency information, and official abbreviations.

RegionInfo also contains a static property to retreive the CurrentRegion. WriteLine The name of this region Console. WriteLine The currency symbol for Console. WriteLine Is this region metric the region is 0 , R. CurrencySymbol 0 , R. Localization is the process of translating local specific application elements to a particular locale.

These elements include textual elements, visual elements, and content. This also affects how money is handled unless the currency is universal, like the Euro for Europe. For applications it affects, localization resources need to be created during the development process. An example from our case study would be that it must be able to be viewed in English and Spanish. This locale setting is determined by the user's browser.

The form itself has a BindingContext property that holds a collection of synchronization objects for each data source that is being used for data binding on the form. For the most part in. NET 2. NET 1. X, you had to go through the binding context to get to the synchronization objects for a number of scenarios.

As discussed in the previous section, what gets created behind the scenes are instances of a CurrencyManager for list-based data sources or aPropertyManager for individual custom business objects. Each of these classes derives from BindingManagerBase, which is the type of object reference that theBindingContext is designed to contain. The CurrencyManager is the one you will deal with most often. A container component such as a Form or a BindingSource creates a currency manager for each list-based data source that you specify for a control Globalization namespace contains classes that enable your applications to determine the locale at run time.

This gives you the flexibility of creating applications that can automatically adapt themselves to the locale in which they run. The classes of the System. Globalization namespace define culture-related information, such as the language, the country region, the calendars in use, the format patterns for dates, currency, and numbers, and the sort order for strings.

The following sections describe the CultureInfo and RegionInfo classes of this namespace. So far you've seen how to use the CurrentCulture property to handle localized formatting of things such as currency, dates, and numbers. But localizing the text displayed on the user interface is perhaps even more important. NET Framework offers support for user interface localization through its capability to select a set of user interface resources at runtime.

Currency Currency The currency format string converts the numerical value to a string containing a locale-specific currency amount. By default, the format information is determined by the current locale, but this may be changed by passing a NumberFormatlnfo object.

The NumberFormatInfo class is used to control the formatting of numbers. By setting the properties in this class, the programmer can control the currency symbol, decimal separator, and other formatting properties. Text Text Format , Currency When the culture is set to en-US, which represents the English language , United States as the region which is the default culture setting for computers in the United States , both labels will display the same string that is, When the current culture is set to fr-FR, which represents French language, France as the region, the text in the two labels will differ.

The text in Label1 will always read The text in Label2, however, will read , Note that the currency symbol is changed to the appropriate symbol for the locale in this case the Euros symbol and the decimal separator is changed to the separator that is appropriate for the locale in this case, the comma. Your application automatically reads the culture settings of the system and implements them. Thus, in most circumstances, you will not have to manually change the culture settings.

You can, however, change the current culture of your application in code by setting the current culture to a new instance of the CultureInfo class. The CultureInfo class contains information about a particular culture and how it interacts with the application and system.

For example, the CultureInfo class contains information about the type of calendar, date formatting, currency formatting, and so on for a specific culture. You set the current culture of an application programmatically by setting the CurrentThread. CurrentCulture property to a new instance of the CultureInfo class.

The CultureInfo constructor requires a string that represents the appropriate culture code as a parameter. The following code example demonstrates how to set the current culture to French Canadian. In our demonstrations, we will use a sample database named Products. It is a Microsoft Access database. It contains only one table, named Products. Figure 3. The ImagePath column contains the name and location of an image relative to a virtual directory.

The BindingSource component uses this internally to provide better currency of the presented data in bound controls , even if the underlying objects don't support property change notifications themselves. To implement support for raising the ListChanged event in response to property value changes on the collection objects, you have to provide a callback delegate to the property descriptor for each property on each object in a collection, so that your collection will be notified when those properties change through the property descriptor.

See theBindingListView class implementation in Chapter 9 for an example and more discussion of this. Before you can start localizing applications, you need to understand the concept of a culture. A culture, in.

NET terms, is a more precise identifier than a location or a language. A culture identifies all the things that might need to be localized in an application, which requires you to know more than just the language. For example, just knowing that an application uses English as its user interface language doesn't give you enough information to completely localize it Should you format dates and currency amounts in that application in a way appropriate to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand among other possibilities Similarly, just knowing the location isn't enough If an application will be used in Switzerland, there are four possibilities for the user interface language.

Each combination of location and language identifies a culture. In the EditltemTemplate we set up a textbox to handle the display of editable data and gave it an id of editprice. Additionally we set up a validation control with an id of valed-itprice to make sure that the user enters a positive currency value. Below we will cover how we use the validation control to validate the users input. Developers often need to validate a control based on a range of values.

For these cases, you can use the RangeValidator Web server control. You can have different types of ranges, including ranges based on currency, dates, doubletype data, integer-type data, and string data. If the user does not type input that falls within a valid range, a validation message appears, and the user gets a chance to correct the form and resubmit it.

The parameterless ToString method has two problems. First, the caller has no control over the formatting of the string. For example, an application might want to format a number into a currency string or a decimal string, or a percent string or a hexadecimal string.

Second, the caller can't choose to format a string using a specific culture. This second problem is more troublesome for server-side application code than for client-side code. On rare occasions, an application needs to format a string using a culture different from the culture associated with the calling thread.

To have more control over string formatting, you need a version of the ToString method that allows you to specify specific formatting and culture information. Also, all the built-in numeric types support C for currency, D for decimal, E for scientific exponential , F for fixed-point, G for general, N for number, P for percent, R for Culture-sensitive information applies when you're formatting numbers including The data type of the values being compared. The values are converted to this type before the comparison is made.

The data type of the value being validated. The value being validated, as well as the maximum and minimum values, are all converted to this type before the comparisons are made. The default is String. From the case study, examples of localization, internationalization, and globalization would be the ability for the web site to support English, Spanish, German, and French.

Each language would require specific types of routines to display appropriate types of currency and date information. Another requirement would be the fact that the application would have to use. NET's features of localization resource files to hold language-specific information. The Formi form uses standard mobile controls to accept input from the user.

Then the inserts WML code for a , which renders as a softkey or another link with the legend Convert. When selected, this calls the convert function in the WMLScript file called currency. The convert function takes arguments that are the values the user entered the variables SelectionListi, SelectionList2, and TextBoxi.

Figure shows the resulting WML markup. NET formats dates, currency, and numbers the CurrentUICulture property determines which satellite assembly is used when loading translated strings. As mentioned, the application also lets users type a country name into the From Country or To Country text boxes, and it will update the country information based on that input.

The things that need to be updated are the currency type and flag for the entered country name, and the corresponding country ID that is set in the current ExchangeRates row. You could deal with this kind of situation by handling the TextChanged event on the text box and doing the lookup of the entered country name in that handler, but I wanted to show how you can accomplish this using data-binding mechanisms.

The sample has the Parse event on the country name text box intercept the changed country name. The Parse event will be fired when the contents of theTextBox have changed and the focus changes to another control after Validating and Validated events fire. The balance is stored in a decimal field. The decimal data type System. Decimal is used to store numbers with a particular precision. Thus 2. Double variable. The advantage of using the System. Decimal data type is that rounding doesn't occur, so the System.

Decimal type is appropriate for representing currency. For example, in the last four lines of the preceding code we bound the second ASP ListBox control to the HashTable so that the text of each element is automatically formatted as a currency value.

This is because a primary or foreign key can encompass more than one column - for example the only possible primary key for the BookPrices table in our database is the combination of the ISBN code and the currency name. None of the individual columns has values that are unique the table, and only a combination of columns can provide a unique key value.

However, the ISBN column alone provides the link to the parent BookList table, and so we specify it as a foreign key in. You can format the items that you display in a list-based control. For example, if you are displaying a list of monetary values, you can format them all as currency, and they will be displayed in the currency format that is appropriate to the culture the application is running under. Consider the following example, where an integer will be displayed as a currency string.

With the standard ASP. NET data binding syntax, you must first cast the type of the data row in order to retrieve the data field, IntegerValue. Next, this is passed as an argument to the String. Format method. If a hacker were to break into an e-commerce site successfully and capture someone's credit card number, some unfortunate person would get stung financially however, if the same thing happened on an interbank network, a country's economy could be ruined overnight.

Banks and financial institutions use a diverse array of cryptography and authentication systems, which are not accessible to the general public. When a bank needs to communicate with a second financial institution overseas to perform, it must use the public phone network. Where communications between two banks happen on a daily basis, a private virtual circuit PVC is set up between the two banks.

This reduces the amount of foreign data on the line, but neither bank actually owns the telecom connection. QTTQ Details of the transaction amount, currency, identification of the parties, and the date. In this example, the DataType is a string for all DataColumn objects except salary, which is a decimal object that contains currency.

The MaxLength property constrains the length of string data. The string data is truncated if you exceed this length and no exception is thrown. If the Unique property is set to true, an index is created to prevent duplication of entries.

The AllowDBNull property is set to false to mandate the population of the column with data. The Caption property is a string that holds the column heading that is to be displayed when this DataTable object is used with Web server controls. The lastNameFirstName DataColumn object shows how an expression column is created, in this case, by assigning an expression. Expression columns are also known as calculated or derived columns.

Adding a derived column is especially beneficial when data is available but not in the correct format. Another problem is that you can actually overwork the data structures. This concept is something you should keep in mind as you create data structures.

For example, you might find the need to use a Currency data type in one of the structures. In sum, don't always re-create everything you find in the header files because you won't always need to do so. The MinimumValue and MaximumValue properties contain the limit of values the user can input. You'll use the Type property to determine what type of data the control will accept.

The RangeValidator accepts common types including string, integer, double, date, and currency. If the input doesn't fall within the selected range of values or is of the wrong type, the control will display an error message. The string can contain a valid decimal-separator character.

Add dr[dc]. Any help will be appreciated. Arpita Arpita 3 3 gold badges 10 10 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Just change order of your loops, your outer loop should be on Columns and inner loop should be on rows like: foreach DataColumn dc in dt. Habib Habib k 27 27 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Arpita, it should work, make sure your DataTable has values, and there are no null values for any cell, Are you getting any exception?

The result is just blank. You actually want the data from the columns inside the DataRow object: dr. ToString ;. Greg Burghardt Greg Burghardt Dotnetter Dotnetter 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. I want to get all columns but this didn't work either. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Provides strongly-typed access to each of the column values in the specified row. The input DataRow , which acts as the this instance for the extension method. The input DataColumn object that specifies the column to return the value of. The value, of type T , of the DataColumn specified by column.

The value type of the underlying column could not be cast to the type specified by the generic parameter, T. The column specified by column does not occur in the DataTable that the DataRow is a part of. Additionally, DataSet does not support nullable types. The Field method provides support for accessing columns as nullable types.

If the underlying value in the DataSet is Value , the returned nullable type will have a value of null. If the value of the specified DataColumn is Value and T is a reference type or nullable type, the return type will be null. The Field method will not return Value.

The Field method does not perform type conversions. If type conversion is required, you should first obtain the column value by using the Field method. The column value should then be converted to another type. The value, of type T , of the DataColumn specified by columnIndex.

The column specified by ordinal does not exist in the DataTable that the DataRow is a part of. Additionally, DataSet doesn't support nullable types. If the value of the specified DataColumn is null and T is a reference type or nullable type, then the return type will be null.

The following is the my code. From what I can see, am not seeing any check for null and replacing the null with datetime minValue, unless the check is been done within your DB?. I had a similar problem, and that check resolved it. Learn more. Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 4 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 14k times. I'm trying to get the date of birth of employees from the DataRow s of the DataTable , but I'm getting the exception: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

Now; employeeObject. ToInt64 dr["empId"] ; employeeObject. ToString dr["empFirstName"] ; employeeObject. ToString dr["empMiddleName"] ; employeeObject. ToString dr["emptLastName"] ; employeeObject. ToString dr["empGender"] ; employeeObject. ParseExact dr["empDOB"]. Parse dr["empDOB"]. Replace ";", " " , System.

GetCultureInfo "hi-IN". DateTimeFormat ; ; employeeObject. ToDouble dr["empContactNo"] ; employeeObject. ToString dr["empEmailId"] ; employeeObject. ToString dr["empAddress"] ; employeeObject. ToString dr["empDesgnation"] ; employeeList. Dave Cousineau 9, 7 7 gold badges 54 54 silver badges 71 71 bronze badges.

Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar 65 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. What is the format of the string called EmployeeDateOfBirth. I mean what's the format of the value you get form the db. I am asking, because I saw that you use the String 's method called Replace. If you need to make any replace, you should do this, before the use of DateTime. Well, what I would do besides using the debugger is add a line like MessageBox. Show string. ToString ; and post what the MessageBox says.

Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Try with this and replace "yyyy-MM-dd" with your desired format. Thanos Markou Thanos Markou 2, 3 3 gold badges 22 22 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges. What is the logic behind this? We don't know what value he gets in emoDB so we can't tell how to parse it.

More Information.

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C datarow field bitcoins With encrypted password hashes, the authentication process changes. This helps to ensure that default WCF communications are secure. Add dr[dc]. Niederbettingen unfall a4 can also utilize the capabilities of the SQL Server network libraries to encrypt our data. To implement support for raising the ListChanged event in response to property value changes on the collection objects, you have to provide a callback delegate to the property descriptor for each property on each object in a collection, so that your collection will be notified when those properties change through the property descriptor. None of the individual columns has values that are unique the table, and only a combination of columns can provide a unique key value. All the methods included in this program are detailed and also have the capacity to help every people in the market.
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