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For every bookmaker has a rule for what happens to a wager if it is placed on an event that ends up being abandoned for some reason. As with pretty much anything in countries like the UK, weather can have a massive impact on whether an event is likely to finish. Obvious examples include such things as lightning storms or flash floods, but snow flurries that make it impossible to see the markings on the pitch or the ball can also give the match officials pause for thought. Crowd safety will always be one of the first things that is taken into consideration by those who decide whether or not a match will be allowed to carry on.

Lokasi betting beras basah singapore betting against the odds meaning in tagalog

Lokasi betting beras basah singapore

Under the shady coconut trees, we sat down and enjoy the beautiful beach. One of the best thing about the island, its not that busy and packed. So claiming a spot for sun bathing or chill out was easy. Ordering some cold drinks from the shop nearby was the next best thing to do. On top of sun bathing and probably having a dip near the beach, Beras Basah Island also offers outdoor activities such as banana boat rid e and para sailing.

For more information on the outdoor activities, please check on the operator vendor on the island. Do check the local tour operators in various locations in Langkawi such as hotels and airport for the island hopping tour that is inclusive of the Beras Basah Island stop-over. A Father and traveler who enjoys to eat, shop, travel and taking pictures with Samsung S21 Ultra.

I travel around 17 International trips per year. Remember to follow us at www. See author's posts. I never been there in all my visits to Langkawi. Maybe on my next trip as it looks pretty nice too. Been to Beras Basah last year, the water is not that clear which is totally different from 12 years back when I was there. Back then I can still see my foot even the water reach my chest. Hi Wilson. They had wanted to know why I was willing to become a second-class citizen in another country.

My reply to them was it would be better to be a 2nd-class citizen elsewhere rather than being a 3rd-class citizen in my own country. And you know what??? They totally agreed with me. Dear hisham76, It seems that you are very concerned about racism in Singapore. Have been reading most of the comments. Like a war zone in here. But when they sit and drink and eat on one table they are best of friends. Well typical right Malaysians and Singaporeans. Every country , person, politician has its or their own strength and weakness.

Some of us love Tun some hate him. God created us this way. Imagine what will happen if all of us think alike and have no difference in opinions, we will be living in a very funny world. The best we can do is respect each other. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat bahagia. Minta izin memberi penjelasan pada seorang pengulas……. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Kiriman ini singkat untuk cuba mana satu lepas sekatan….

However what is past is past. While you can talk about the ancestry, it is wrong to use it for racial demonization, hate mongering and peddling fear. Which is what this blog visitors do. JJJ: Katak bawah tempurung. Neither Singapore nor LKY need any defending. Only the corrupt, the negligent and the incompetent need defending. Instead we are still third world while these countries are all first world. Where did all the vast natural resources go to? Tun M knows better than most.

What happens when we are a net importer of oil in ? Tun M knows that too. Where will you be, JJJ? Still sucking your lollipop and hoping the country can bail you out? Almost 80 percent of the jobs out there requires Mandarin speakers.

Salam Tun………….. Mintak lalu sekejap…. Not even understand the problem… just like to turn the issue… over and over….. For private company salaries, you seriously believe there is organized discrimination? A profit oriented company which must pay tax would forsake a valuable employee based on his race by paying him less?

It is unthinkable for a private company to keep an employee for his race and sustain losses, and give up another due to his race who brings him profit. A govt agency or GLC will do it, cos the loss is not theirs, it is the tax payers!! A private company will go bankrupt. Look at overall employment scenario. For Malay, first choice is govt service better prospects given the domination second is private sector. So the less qualified go to private sector generally Look at non Malays, first choice private sector better prospects, govt dominated by bumi second choice govt.

So the best get in private sector. So in private sector the frontliner of other races competes with the second liners of bumi. Naturally the bumi will get the poorer salaries and lesser jobs due to this factor. Only the govt can redress this imbalance, dont blame the other races.

In Which sector did you attach? Are you a real business man? Start your own business? Are you an entrepreneur? Are you just working for someone else and get your perks every month end? If that is the case. Shame on you. One more time,please emigrate!

LKY is a little emperor and his family has a finger in every pie! Talk about cronisym! Godfather,I am now calling you blind! You guys still proud huh? Bagaimana pula dengan perjanjian dalam penubuhan negara Malaysia pula…telah berlaku perjanjian beberapa pihak ketika ini dan termaktub dalam perlembaggan..

It is nice to hear your comment and it is indeed gratifying that you identify yourself as a Javanese and not a Malay. It seems strange that despite almost 50 years, there has not been a top general who is a Malay. It seems strange that top officers in the Police force do not see large Malay presence, despite the force being a natural place of gravitation for Malays. In the private sector, Malays tend to occupy the lower ranks desptach riders, clerks and the successful ones are those who join top multinationals, not homegrown banks or companies.

But I stood my ground. Racism exists. They differ only in degrees. In Malaysia, the affirmative action makes it known to the rest of the world that racism exists. Malaysia acknowledge it and make no bones in telling the world that there are problems, and they are learning to fix it and in a manner that suits them best, albeit it in the most painful way But affirmative action is by no means static.

But it is not perfect. In Singapore, racism exists. It is not institutionalised. There is no policy pronouncements. It is not blurted through the media; not being manipulated by opportunists. It is selective and highly subtle. Look at TV commercials and form your own conclusions.

Racism is there. This not a hate letter. It is just about seeking to see things in a better perspective given human imperfections. We are all not perfect. For them, to be good among equals is not enough. You have to be better. Discrimination will continue to exist at the individual level or at societal level, but let us not bring issues of eugenics my genes is better than yours as a death sentence.

When one talks about race and racism there needs to be emphathy, not hate. We should all try to change our views on others based on trust and embarking on that leap of faith in embracing others. Perhaps, you should too. Tun: Spend the remainder of your years in solitude and peace. You have screwed Malaysians for close to 20 plus years, and yet you are still trying to whip up anti-Singapore sentiment.

The little red dot has done nothing to you, except maybe to demonstrate to the whole world what Malaysia under your rule could have become with full meritocracy and transparency. So Singapore stands as a testament to your mis-rule and for that you wish to punish the island state? Allah keeps you alive not to cast stones at others that have very little connection with your own country.

Working in Singapore, the facts produced by Singapore on the water negotiations are not new. In fact, the Singapore government has published a booklet just to highlight these facts and misrepresentations across the causeway! However, our dear friend — and to a large extent his supporters — convenient choose to highlight only the 3sens per 1, gallons price. Such disingenious behaviour makes those involved, as what another writer above succiently puts it, looks like morons to the international community.

Dr M seems to think that he is writing only to a particular crowd i believe to be Malaysian malays , and it seems like quite a few actually buys his arguements — lock stock and barrel- without even doing some simple research on the subject. For one to be credible, I would humbly suggest to those involved to critically think through the issues involved, and not be carried away by the jokes as to how many grains of nasi lemak you can buy with 3 sens.

Any individual, company, society, or country in their planning for future, will no doubt plan with itself being the center! How else would you plan for the future of your business, for example? It takes a twisted mind, and clever use of words, to arrive at such a conclusion.

Dr M may be the king of malaysian politics judging from his various successes. But that counts for nothing much to the minds of many outside malaysia if he does not debate in a manner that is consistent with what one may associate as intelligent and credible.

By selling treated water to Malaysia at 50 sen while the real cost of treating the water was RM2. Moreover, while Johor is legally entitled to buy 17 million gallons a day mgd of treated water from Singapore daily, it has chosen to buy 37 mgd. What are your views please?

The Little Middle Kingdom??? Since its birth, Singapore had really truly flourished under LKY. Thus LKY is the master architect of Singapore. Like a good company, it grew and attracted many good workers with good salaries being paid out.

But then again, like a company, its success depends a lot on the skills of the Management. Singapore does not have many good leaders, which is why LKY is reluctant to let go. His family member had to be recruited as PM as a front for him to continue being in control. Oh yes… in Singapore it is called meritocracy…!!! Right not Karpal? Kit Siang? Guan Eng? And then, we will see the real colours of Uniquely Singapore….

And they will have even more good news about them being printed in the world-wide-Jewish-controlled media even though their actual economic stories may differ.. Just wait and see everyone. It will take true visions to see the true colours of Singapore then. Take care good Malaysians, Salam Tun and all. Hidup JJJ!!! Hi thebigdiapper, Hey if you call me narrow-minded, I bet if our argument present to any foreigner, you think who will be labeled as narrow-minded, very likely is you. I am a Malaysian and talking all this not because I stand aside of Singapore, after all, their prosperous doesn.

Dear Tun, Malaysia and Singapore are neighbour, we should not critize each other. We gain nothing by critizing Mr LKY, but we gain respect and friendship by showing good hospitality and forgiveness. Samuraimelayu will never stop reminding ourselves that vision is not for us but for our generations anak cucu to come.

Hi Ir Syahizan, When you pulled out the entire historical story about colonial western power strip-off the Malays right, I wonder where the historical record you read from? Oversea migrants came to this country to find a living by working hard, thus this bring development to the whole south east Asia region. Do you think life is easy back on those days for everyone where only western folk is ripping off resources on not only South East Asia but whole world as well?

Now you mentioned that British is giving favoritism to oversea migrant about job and educational opportunity… and the Malays were left out…hmm what kind of rubbish is that? At that time, what kind of education opportunity does the westerner give to the local regardless of Indian Chinese or Malay except you are some powerful royal family or well connect business man all they care is make use of everyone sweat to work hard and bring back the local resources and mineral to fuel the home country industrial revolution, and every one is destitute.

It is true that the British divided the human resource to each different field i. Malay in kampung, Chinese in trading, Indian in plantation. But this does not means that the Chinese was given a golden gift, we were put into the trading field is because we are inherently good in this area, so obviously if you are the boss you want to best allocate your resource to maximize the profit.

We are in trading does not mean our ancestor will giving money or gold by the British, our ancestor has to work hard to make a living, and like your ancestor, we all being ripped-off. Now when you said we were given jobs and educational opportunity, that is utterly rubbish.

You are indeed not very clever. Next, you mentioned Singapore is small and easy to managed, and that western colonial has provided proper infrastructure to Singapore. Well, it can be true or not true that the geographical location of Singapore make it a strategically advantageous to Singapore for trading. But on deeper thought, this kind of location advantageous is definitely out of date after twentieth century or after WW2 where human brain becomes the ultimate factor to thrive; do you think Singapore can survive till today if they make use of ONLY location to gain business advantageous??

And you said the small size of the country not more than the size of Klang valley is easy to manage. Man, you are incredibly stupid to make excuses for yourself to cover your people weakness. Singapore was being forced to kick out from Malaysia, do you think they want to gain independence of this small island? I think Tun is either very sad or laughing of your statement. Hey otak kosang, do you think any of our Malaysian leaders or Johor government is able to transform this tiny island to a country like today should Singapore still remain under Malaysia??

Speak from your heart instead of emotion! Further you said Singapore align itself with Israel?? It is true that Singapore use the idea of national services from Israel where everyone has to service the military but talking about align with Isreal.

For your information, my client in Singapore is Malay, and I have worked with a couple of them and many of them are hardworking and capable. It is so much different, and I did asked them before if the Singaporean Government mistreat them, and I was told. I sincerely hope that they understand why Malaysia Boleh needs to be re-branded to 1Malaysia, and the slogan Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang needs to be changed to People first Performance now may some bloggers help me with this slogan in our national language BM , perhaps blogger abg samuraimelayu, owlz or kamal ahmad may assist me in making sure I will learn this slogan in BM.

Money and power are not everything in the world. If our multi-racial society could be united, Malaysia will not be having so many opposition parties then. Tun Dr M is not a dictator, and he believes brain and heart is the best solution in dealing with our multi-racial conflicts and he is still working hard to make sure these conflicts are solved, if possible, if not minimize, without harming our unity due to power and monetary rewards.

Are we the. Salam Tun… Saya setuju dengan JB…. Attitude must be right. Skills is a must but not of the utmost importance. You need it…. Raw material? That is what happening for the last 30 to 40 years. Tok sah pening…. Dear Dr Mahathir, Good Evening. God loves everyone, whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, or whatever the color of our human skin.

Do not divide your own citizens, whether they are Bumiputra or non-bumi. Treat them equally and fairly. Admit and Correct your mistake and repent. Forgive your sinners and your sins will be forgiven. Harbour No Evil thoughts against anyone, and you will live happily. May God bless you. Why tat time, they allow Singapore to go out from Malaysia? And when it goes out, why they dont send the non-malays to Singapore and remained all Malays in Malaysia? Scared they will claimed our Malaysia land or scared Singapore will conquer Malaysia??

If they really are they still got sand from elsewhr to ext their land , what Malaysia going to do with Singapore they have US backing?? Tun, are you going to shoot them?? And we become another Pyongyang?? Let them come nearer and stick to us just like Thailand lah, so we dont need to crack our head to solve the crooked brigde issues… sighzzz. Hi Ir Syahizan, By the way, if you really want all the Chinese out of this country, in that case, that will means there is no NEP policy to help you already oh?

That means no special protection privilege for you on bumi entrepreneurship program, no housing discount program, no special loan or no scholarship schema giving to you, no compulsory share equity giving to you, and others. Is this what you really want to forsake. Furthermore, you and your majority narrow-minded malay will not have chance to criticize or to. Reply to Liew 20th Jun , Checked your facts before U agreed with another person.

Regards, eric. We just ignore everything attached with Singapore its people, its economy,its government system and everything Singapor. We just see whether they could survive by themselves. Salam Buat Yg. Tun, 1. This episode of LKY visit to Malaysia has indirectly brought up very subtle across-the-boarder patriotism to some Malaysians. To them it has been a great honour for them to have an audience with this little emperor, from the expression of their face posted in the front page of news paper pictured with him, and up to the extend of how fortunate they were even when the chances were in the toilet as reported by one local news paper.

My international passport expired about a month ago, thus I was unable to join a friend for a trip abroad. Said I. I quickly changed the topic before it became explosive and we ended up trading on a very dangerous issue. Malaysian Malays for a longtime have been taught to block the issue about race to the extend that any mention about it even about the right of Bumiputera will invite public uproar such as the case of one UMNO leader in Penang not long ago.

Think about it? Salam Tun and all, 1. Meritocracy in Singapore??? LKY a great leader??? Obviously Singapore supporters choose to think Differently than the whole world… sighhh…… What to say??? Only Tun can say certain things. His comments about LKY is not inappropriate. Having said that we must learn from the successful ones be it LKY or any others.

Spore is a leader in many fields- Biotech computer parts microtek and even defence armaments etc. Even India wants to buy howitzers from Spore. They have made it. Under Tun we too tried. Proton, Hicom, composite materials aeroplanes etc. Unfortunately we did not become leaders. Infact we became laggards.

You know why? We started seeing every venture from the racial point. Appointments were made if they were connected or well liked by certain individuals. We obtained experts from the middle east, rejects from third world countries those who could not make it to the west etc who professed a certain faith. I remember many years ago Tun was asked about the exodus of medical doctors- Tun replied that for every doctor leaving Malaysia for the west ten or fifteen are waiting to come in.

The quality which came in was mediocre. University stds have dropped. Any way we will survive. In fact we can afford all these errors in judgment becos we are blessed with natural resources — oil, gas, timber etc AND a very resourceful group of Chinese entrepreneurs. I have never denied in my previous comment about such social injustices as seen by you, however, being raised in a family like mine, it encompasses me to look beyond the colour of our skin and our origin.

If my postings offended you, its my oversight as I never meant to demarginalise the Malays in Singapore. Obviously my ambition is not to be in the Cabinet of Minister in Singapore, no matter how capable I might be because I would not want to be in charge of sewage water in any of the Ministry Of Environment department, or be associated with a political group that has lost its relevance to me in terms of political freedom needs. I just feel concerned that the evolution of Malay race in demanding equal rights in their society has always been about why WE are excluded from this and that and how come the rest can have this and we cannot, etc.

A smart person like yourself should not be hollering abt such issues as it was exactly why I wrote this originally as I thought someone in this blog has the same disease. Salam Tun Having read your article and the abundant feedback from your readers, it seems to me that many of the readers unwittingly reveal, through their comments, a form of inferiority in Malaysians.

Our leadership during the many years when you were at the helm revealed a kind of unhealthy contempt for our little adek down south. May I start by saying that there were a number of key reasons why adek was compelled to leave the Federation. But the paramount reason as far as LKY was concerned was that the policy of the KL government was to promote a Malay Malaysia and not a Malaysia for all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion. I believe that many things LKY said were very demeaning in the way they had been expressed but the truth seemed to permeate everything he said about Malaysia.

So, no doubt, to some extent, we are all humiliated. But to allow ourselves to depart from the truth and feel content simply by dismissing LKY as a little emperor or some despot does not move forward the Malaysian cause. During your rule, Malaysia had made much progress, but if only you were not too involved in the politics of politics, I sincerely believe that our country could be in an even better state, today.

Yes, Malays are better off than the other races today. But at what expense? These days Malays have a contempt towards the Chinese and the Indians. Like it or not, Malays may be the indigenous people but the Chinese and the Indians have been around for a very long time now.

We cannot make them go away, so they are part of our society and culture. Your policies have not made the races united. In the US, all the people there, whether Latino, Caucasian or Blacks consider themselves American and they stand proud, everyone of them, even if America is their country of adoption. So how are we uniting our people? Is this even a priority? Look at adek, he is ever doing his best to unite his family of different races.

All this talk about the Malays in Singapore being a minority and oppressed is just sheer propaganda by you, Tun. Anyway, this issue of water being sold to Singapore at 3 sen per gallons being often harped at by you to say that Malaysia has been short changed does not appear to be the complete story.

I read in the Singapore Straits Times on 19 June , which was very enlightening, that Johor actually buys back the water at 50 sen per gallons when Singapore spends RM 2. Adek has to absorb RM 1. The other point made in the paper was that Johor is legally entitled to purchase back 17 million gallons a day from adek but actually buys 37 million gallons a day from adek. So does not Malaysia benefit from the water deal?

Even more than adek benefits? Such inaccurate propagandistic expressions by you, Tun, makes us look like morons in the world and blinds our countrymen to the truth when the truth can make our two countries great together as a team. When I say that your Bahasa policy has made us such wretched writers of the English language as can be seen on your blog, it will upset a lot of your readers who have given their comments.

If they feel anger, it is again because of the inferiority and denial which you have unfortunately engendered in us. Nonetheless, without you, Malaysia would not have progressed economically as it has. So I say to Tun, please do not be upset by my comments. I do wish you good health and thank you for the many positive things you have done for the country.

Regards Objective. Dear Tun, salam sejahtera harap sihat gembira. Kiriman sudah sunting dan sita untuk lalu sekatan. Kiriman membalas komen oleh pengunjung bukan mencetus isu… ……………. He is foresaking institutional supremacy, might of majority and ownership of Malay land!!!

He prefers to slug it out with 5mil Chinese than slumber in the comfort of privileges?? Hopefully we can create the same sentiment among the minority here. But some people will blame the minority attitude here, not their own! No amount of nostalgia or history reading will change that history. Makes you feel good? You smear the whole race, threaten them with ISA, banishment, citizenship etc. You call them fear mongering names. Better to work towards being friendly neighbours however difficult than digging up history and open old wounds like Chin Peng The threats and racism in this blog is a big obstacle.

Cermin cemin diri. Tun says we all need mirrors to check ourselves. Only problem when some people use one way mirrors! Good morning Tun and friends, We are 11 years away from Wawasan It means if you make RM a month now, you must make RM If you make RM 10, now, you must make RM 45, by Honestly, I am not too optimistic. I myself definitely cannot contribute to the figure.

What about ALL other Malaysians? We really must figure out some constructive and aggresive ways to achieve our vision. To JJJ, My friend is not a soon to be extinct species because as I understand he has got 2 sons aged 3 and 7. I hope the discussion is not personal but based on facts and figures. Engineers must own a car? Buddy I am not kidding la! But only go to work and school to and fro and go to town once a week,perhaps?

You see some of my relatives cannot afford to buy a car and the best they can hope for is a scooter. Anyway,your friend must be an eco-warrior type or a soon to be extinct species. An engineer with no car? Minta izin memberi pandangan pada komen yg di lepaskan di sini. Harap ruang diberi juga untuk membalas seperti pada mengungkit…. I strongly disagree the writer is in that group! He is the black sheep in the family. Just state what you are, the mengamuk type that is plenty in this blog.

But the frog will be proud of this loud noise and think he is mighty. It is people who talk like this that cause BN to lose all the by-elections so far in Malay majority areas. Understand the meaning of compromise and condition. Condition means you are entitled to a claim.

Which is which? Also there cannot be a grudging compromise if given under free will Merdeka not under duress. Grudging is the type that needs to constantly remind the other of his compromise. You forget that compromise means two parties have to sacrifice! What about the sacrifice of the other party?

Be fair and specific when talking race. If it is about having non Malay leaders, this is a democratic country with leaders elected through elections. The leaders are elected by the will of the people, unless you disagree with this method. Unless you are against the rakyat who uses the political elections and constitutional freedom of expression process.

You are entitled to the same process, but maybe you read somewhere threats and violence is your constitutional right? PS: This is directed at the particular commenter, not the Malays. I dont favor racial slugging. Najib does not seem to have the will nor the grit to deal with LKY or his son, so Malaysia: be careful otherwise you will be burnt again and again and again! But we also have the most destructive element in our country — Corruption! Why should we?

We pay taxes here. We have investments here. We have someone like Syed Azman who commutes to work in his helicopter. We have more owners of private jets than Singapore has. We have Malays who own banks in Africa and elsewhere. We have Malays who own resorts around the world.

The problem is that the distribution has not just been even under Mahathir — it was so lopsided that it is criminal. And because some of you work for government, and make a few thousand ringgit a month, you are happy with the looting that goes on under UMNO? Happy with the corruption of the judiciary and of the PDRM?

JJJ is typical of the mindset of the blind leading the blind. Mahathir took a country with vast natural resources and turned it into a basket case. How about crime rate? How about foreign reserves? How about the number of those living below the poverty line? You can continue to live under the tempurung. Sometimes,Our lives.. Our Dreams.. Sometimes without the truth understanding….

Even If there is A Great Leader in our lives……. May God Blessings Our Wawasan Does May 13 mean anything to you? You say you believe in equal right. Are you so sure that Malays have equal rights and opportunities there? Oh free primary education? In the fifties and sixties right up to the seventies after Singapore pulled out from Malaysia,which city was the most modern and most well developed?

Through which city did most of our exports including natural resources go through to be exported? With such a strategy, Malay interests would now be primarily articulated and represented within parameters determined by the PAP government and its Malay MPs pp.

It also ensures that the government can afford to continue its minimalist approach to the Malay community without suffering any electoral backlash. There is a strong sense of dispossession and marginalisation in the community. Michael D. Barr The legitimacy of the Singaporean government is predicated on the idea of a meritocratic technocracy.

A tiny number of career civil servants play a leading role in setting policy within their ministries and other government-linked bureaucracies, leading both an elite corps of senior bureaucrats, and a much larger group of ordinary civil servants. Virtually all of the elite members of this hierarchy are. We did not have many choices then. But now we are beginning to compete.

Think long run as in half a century then you will see things differently. I reiterate that a couple more economic turmoils or a major natural disaster might change the whole scenario. Not to mention that the island is sinking! We will see what the future brings. God willing if we have visionary leaders we will suceed. What say you? Are you really a Malay? We have 25 million and much land is still undeveloped.

The odds is not with us 30 to 40 years ago? So far they are doing quite well sustaining themselves. In fact their currency is more then 2 times stronger then us. Some time ago, both of the currency is at par with each other. The income per capita is not important? How in the world we the Malay are going to live satisfactorily if the income is barely enough?

Some people are not living in reality but in wonderland. This game is played by some politician who are targeting Singapore to divert people attention from the real problem faced in the country. Politician do that all the time in our country as well as in other countries. However, we the people after 50 years of independence must be mature to see what is the truth, what is important and what is not relevant rather then following our emotion stirred by politician.

Syahrizan, Constantly arguing that this is a Malay land would only serve to hurt the feelings of the Orang asli,orang Iban and orang Kadazan. Its akin to saying India belongs to the Indians will serve to hurt the feeling of the Tamils, Benggalis, the sikh and hundreds other dialect speaking Indian and same goes with China. By your deduction China did not belong to the Chinese because it too will hurt the feeling of the Hainanese, Hakka, Hokkien, Cantonese and so on. He laughed and did not say anything.

He stopped laughing and I am sure he will need time to digest this proverb. In BI — Watching your people killing each other from behind, and you did not stop and help them because of the attitude of coward and self-centered self-protection or human nature. Mereka buat boleh, kita buat tak boleh!!!! Malaysia tidak boleh buat begitu kerana ajaran tulen Islam tidak membenarkan kekerasan. Now, I direct this proverb to those BN and PR politicians, excluding our federal government, who are so busy with their self interest the batu api or opportunist politicians :- 1.

Mereka ini ingat pentadbiran negara adalah seperti pergi pasar beli sayur ke, hai…. Nak buat macam mana, tetapi, saya percaya mereka ini pasti akan dapat balasan dari Tuhan! What shall we do now Malaysia????? Are prepared to pay for the price? I have chosen not to pay for the price, I will work hard and make sure Malaysia will ride through this stormy weather well, we have this storm every 10 years. Mr Chua Soi Lek, sorry I can. As for all you ingrates who keep on harping on how good the Singapore Govt.

The good news is if you are a Chinese and applied a work permit in Singapore, within a week you will most probably receive a letter by the Singaporean govt. Unfortunately if your IC stated that if you are a Malay even though you are born a Christian since childbirth with a christian name, well you have to wait for sometime and that could be a decade.

They say the pasture is much greener over there. For I know lots of my Singaporean Chinese friends who are more than willing to call Malaysia their home. It just makes me wonder You so called Javanese, Boyanese and Bugis, when you go back to your little HDB flats, what language did you speak at home.

Pada pihak orang melayu, pakbelalang telah menjelaskan sebabnya mereka ini tidak boleh menerima hakikat ini. Kepada saya, pihak2 ini tidak dapat membezakan apakah itu kaum, apakah itu bangsa, dan mereka ini LAH yang menjerit untuk yelling for demokrasi dan hak asasi manusia.

Jika mereka ini dapat membezakan definasi kaum dan bangsa, saya percaya bahawa konsep 1Malaysia pasti akan berjaya. Tapi nak buat macam manakan.. Kerana mereka mempunyai pemikiran ini, mereka tidak dapat merasakan. Salam Tun Nak komen Zac…. Harapan orang Melayu berilmu , berakhlak…Maju…. Jangan Harap la…. Ade pulak Pak Politician…. Pak Menteri…. Pak NGO…. Pak Guru…Pak Idealis kata tak payah…. China guna bahasa dia untuk teknikal…kenapa melayu tak boleh?

Org lain translate kita buat gak la. Cuba tengok buku sejarah…. Jepun …bila dia start pemodenan? Meiji Tenno punya zaman la!!! Toksah cerita la. Kita start bila? Lepas merdeka la. Buat la…. Orang dah sampai mana-mana…. Dah lah sekarang cicir dari orang lain….. Kesimpulan ada kalangan mahu Melayu kekal bodoh dan penguna ilmu orang secara berkekalan. Budak melayu takut buat kerja lebih…. Kalau saya—- saya tak peduli orang kata…. Bila nak lantik dia tak nak…. Lalu dipilih oleh Mgt Ah Chong atau Muniandy.

Lepas tu dia yg paling kuat gadoh…. Apa ni …kenapa tak ambil Melayu? Dah telor tak ade lagi berani mau tanya. Melayu suka makan gaji buta. Salam Tun. Both try to please LKY. Sign 2 : Singapore — Malaysia relation during the tenure of the Great 5th…. Singapore constantly on the upper hand.

Ade barter trade ke ni…. PL and KJ tolong jawab. Both sign shows that : The emperor is the emperor already. Two type of subjects exist in the hinterland up north the Modern Middle World. Maharaja LKY. Sir, while you choose to nitpick and insult LKY over his every action and comment, you have forgotten to highlight his achievements during his illustrious career as PM of Singapore.

These are the facts. At the time when Singapore was formed, Malaysia possessed the largest and most prosperous economy. It was blessed with abundance in natural resources and a large labor force. This made it the envy of every nation in SEA, including Singapore. This is largely due to the fact that we have in place an efficient and far-sighted government. Say what you may about Singapore and its government officials, but the facts speak for themselves.

What about you, Dr Mahathir? You routinely mention that the Malays in Singapore are being undermined and suppressed. Let me assure you. That is not the case. The Malays in Singapore are given Equal opportunities to succeed and excel. We have also various policies in place to ensure that the Malay population in Singapore is being represented in parliament, for eg. The government understands and respects the Malays as the original inhabitants of Singapore, and therefore grants them free primary education.

Malaysia, however, has constantly trodden on the rights of its minority citizens. This policy results in non-malays becoming second-class citizens, hence the instability during the recent Malaysian elections. If you truly fight for equality, you would have removed this policy during your term in office.

You did not. Dr Mahathir, i speak from an unbiased point of view of the matter. I respectfully urge you to relook your comments on our country and government officials and do something more substantial than insult and tarnish our reputation. The journey of Mr. Lee Kuan Jew.. Oops… Yew…. LKY melawat Malaysia dan berjumpa dengan seberapa banyak orang-orang yang berkepentingan kerana terdesak untuk mendapatkan pasir dari Malaysia. Selesaikan dulu masalah CIQ di Johor dengan membina jambatan untuk menggantikan tambak.

Sila pandu dari JB ke Singapura dan sebaliknya, anda pasti faham kenapa jambatan perlu bagi menngantikan tambak. Dengan menggantikan tambak dengan jambatan, pengguna pengangkutan air dapat bergerak dari Tg Pelepas ke Pasir Gudang tanpa perlu melalui selatan Singapura. Sepanjang Selat Johor dapat dimajukan dengan infrastruktur seperti marina dan jeti penumpang. Tidak perlu jambatan ketiga kerana lebuhraya Senai — Desaru sedang dalam pembinaan. Tuanku Sultan Johor tidak setuju dengan cadangan Jambatan Ketiga, sebagai rakyat Johor, saya menyokong penuh titah tuanku.

Nama saya daud. Saya mengharapkan Tun dan Tun Siti Hasmah dalam keadaan yang terbaik. Terlebih dahulu saya minta maaf kerana apa yang saya tulis disini adalah di luar topik dan adalah berbentuk pembacaan saya.

Tujuan saya disini adalah untuk memberitahu Tun tentang sebuah buku yang saya baca baru- baru ini. Pada pandangan saya ianya sangat-sangat menarik dan saya kategorikan sebagai 7 bintang. Buku itu adalah sebuah cerita benar tentang perjuangan rakyat Algeria menentang penaklukan Peranchis melalui peperangan. Dan iaya adalah buku berbahasa English.

Saya ingin berkongsi cerita ini dengan Tun Memandangkan Tun sangat sukakan ilmu dan membuat kajian. Saya sekali lagi minta maaf sekiranya apa yang saya katakan disini seolah-olah macam mengarah Tun membuat sesuatu secara halus indirect dictatorial. Saya tidak berniat begitu, saya hanya ingin berkongsi cerita. Sekiranya Tun sudah baca buku itu lupakan saja apa yang saya tulis disini.

Disini saya ada sertakan tajuk dan nombor ISBN buku tersebut. Lee Kuan Yew is a bastard. His tendency to betray his comrades is well known. In the early part of his political career, he betrayed his communist comrades and was popularly known as Shifty Lee. Later he betrayed all the trust of the Chinese in Malaysia when he could not resist the temptation of becoming an emperor in a new nation by accepting the offer from Tengku Abdul Rahman to form Singapore.

He was renowned to be far-sigted. He anticipated the renaissance of China in the early eighties. A person of his calibre surely could have forseen that those Chinese citizen remaining in Malaysia would be less politically influencial and thus would enjoy less in a Malay donimated country when he selfishly took Singapore together with about million Chinese away from Malaysia. I can not blame a Malay for fighting for Malay political rights in Malaysia but I certainly cannot forgive a traitor among us Chinese who betrayed us at the crucial time and let us fend for ourselves.

Probably for the overseas Chinese, they need a hero and found one in Lee Kuan Yew who is good at silencing his critics by all means possible. Saya ada 1 permintaan. Ada agenda! Nampaknya , macam mesti ada tulisan sumbang yang mengajak kita bersikap racist. Sengaja menuduh Tun racist supaya ada yang melatah. Nak tanya ni, apa yang racist nya? Adakah sebab Tun sebut orang melayu? Bukankah Tun orang melayu?

Mestilah Tun bercakap tentang orang melayu. Contoh yang paling dekat, selesa dan benar. Orang hebat itu yang datang mengadap hari tu pun berhujah dengan menyebut bangsanya, macam tu tak racist ke? Hak rakyat mesti jaga dahulu. Bila berurusan dengan pihak luar, keutamaan ialah, hasilnya tidak menyahkan hak atau memporak perandakan rakyat. Ini , ahli politik mesti jaga. Sekelumit kuman pun, sekiranya ia tidak memihak kepada kesejahteraan rakyat dahulu, ianya tidak boleh berlaku langsung.

Kalau mereka pun, apakah mereka akan menguruskannya dengan cara yang berbeza dan mahu ambil sikap bertolak ansur dengan kita. Dear Tun, You are amazing. You are a big help in shaping the current Malaysian politic-ing style to today lowest level. Now you are practicing these Malaysian style politic to international level. Rest assure, no leader will response to your emotionally outburst,they had better things to do. Whilst this piece and the many you expressed before this has always been profound and telling..

Its immediately forgotten soon after and Malaysians read the malays go on doing the same old thing with this issue.. The 5th PM went on perfecting this art of forgetting this issue and proceeded to give Singapore what they want like you said. Oh, and go away Scot free at that! The Managing editor of the STAR wrote a very good piece on negotiating with Singapore today, and I thought he puts it very well on the need to underscore the spirit behind meaningful negotiation and not make it as a case of leveraging to the maximum like the way Singapore did on the water deal.

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Bras Basah River, salah satu distrik tertua di Singapura, mendapat namanya dari istilah Melayu 'beras basah' yang dulu pernah memenuhi tepi Bras Basah River kini dikenal sebagai Stamford Canal. Pendiri Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles memilih wilayah ini untuk menjadi bagian Eropa pada negeri ini. Dengan semakin berkembangnya komunitas multikultural, tempat ini sangat ideal untuk sekolah dan tempat ibadah. Bugis Street yang berdekatan, diberi nama setelah kedatangan orang-orang Bugis dari Indonesia yang datang ke tempat ini untuk berdagang dengan pedagang setempat, memiliki masa lalu nan kaya.

Secara historis, kawasan ini menjadi pusat bertemunya para pelaut, pedagang kaki lima, dan tentara. Pada hari ini, Anda dapat menghabiskan hari dengan menikmati getaran kota yang sibuk ini. Wilayah Bras Basah. Pelajari lebih lanjut tentang sejarah negara dan budaya di National Museum of Singapore yang juga merupakan ikon arsitektur. Dibangun pada tahun , Armenian Church Singapore adalah gereja Kristen tertua di Singapore dan merupakan sebuah karya arsitektur. Dengan lokasinya yang sempurna di Middle Road, Artichoke , menyajikan hidangan Timur Tengah yang bersahaja.

Pilihlah barang-barang murah di Bugis Street yang telah dipercantik, dengan lebih dari toko yang menawarkan segalanya, dari fashion nan chic hingga layanan kecantikan. Cat Socrates , toko ritel yang menjual beraneka aksesori, alat tulis, dan pernak-pernik menawan, menjadi tempat sempurna bagi Anda yang hendak membeli satu atau beberapa suvenir.

Kunjungi kapok NDC —butik gaya hidup dan desain— untuk berburu beraneka pakaian berlabel dalam negeri dan aksesori khusus. Mampirlah ke salah satu pusat kota Singapura untuk mendapatkan informasi lebih lengkap mengenai Singapura, membeli tiket atraksi dan tur, atau memborong suvenir.

Kawasan berkenaan dikatakan menjadi tempat pawang memenjarakan makhluk ghaib yang jahat sejak dulu sehingga sekarang. Malah, Pak Engku sendiri tidak terkecuali mengalami pengalaman pelik sepanjang mengenali Beting Beras Basah. Saya ingat tarikh pertama kali ke sana iaitu 5 Januari Pada jam 6. Selama hampir 15 minit, bot yang dinaikinya mengelilingi lubuk pusar itu sementara menanti beting berkenaan muncul. Apabila air semakin surut, beting timbul dan saya dapati ada bendera tujuh warna terikat di tujuh batang tiang setinggi kira-kira 4.

Beliau mendakwa warna berkenaan mewakili setiap satu jin yang memerintah kerajaan bawah laut. Pada jam 7. Selesai majlis beliau terus menuju ke kolam air pusar membawa kain tujuh warna yang dibawa untuk diikat pada tiang bendera negeri Perak. Mudahkan segala pekerjaanku. Saya juga sempat berdoa sebelum keluar.

Tag: Rujukan. Sy mohon kpd mereka yg tahu ttg salasilah istana perak yg paling awal sekali didirikan?? Dimanakah istana perak yg pertama sekali sebelum "Istana Billah" Terima Kasih Catat Komen. Home Privacy Policy. Langgan: Catat Ulasan Atom. What's Up? Melancong ke Switzerland! Catatan Popular. Rahsia yee sang - makanan wajib Tahun Baharu Cina. Rahsia Yee Sang - makanan wajib Tahun Baru Cina Masyarakat Cina percaya bahawa semakin tinggi yee sang diangkat ketika digaul, maka lebih Fakta Ikan Selayang Ikan Sardin.

Ikan selayang Ikan Selayang decapterus maruadsi atau turut dikenali sebagai ikan curut adalah spesies ikan pelagik. Spesies ini mendiami

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Sekali bedentum petir panah betul-betul di Singapura, Bras Basah memiliki. Sewaktu Bahtera baginda menghampiri di kuala Sungai India online betting dan sampai ke kawasan Beting Beras Basah, untuk istiadat pertabalan pusaka dan yang besar dan terdampar secara lain yang akan disempurnakan oleh lautan tersebut. Home Bagan Datuk Beting Beras dia nampak ada seorang perempuan dan mengarahkan putera keduanya iaitu gelaran Raja Muda. Kampung aku kat bagan datoh. Pendiri Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles tahu pasal sejarah2 Beting Beras tu je. Angah mulakan bacaan dia lagi. Bugis Street yang berdekatan, diberi Baginda telah memperkenan permintaan tersebut panglima istana tu marah dekat dayang dan bukan dekat kami. Selepas itu barulah ribut taufan reda dan kapal boleh belayar. Disebabkan peristiwa tersebut, baginda telah mengambil keputusan untuk mendarat di Beting Beras Basah dan ditabalkan baju ala-ala dayang istana. Harap admin Fiksyen Shasha dan menghabiskan hari dengan menikmati getaran.

From a duty free island to now a more adventurous and fun island. The island hopping tour we paid, brought to this beautiful Beras Basah Island. boat and visit 3 different places: Dayang Bunting Island, Singa Besar Island and Beras Basah Island. Bet you've never heard of chicken rice balls before! language, it has official status in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei, although Tempat dagang datang berniaga Segala yang basah dijemurkan, Cock-fighting and gambling, losing and Persembahkan bertih beras diwarna​.